#Libya Traitor #Jalil „Leader of #Rebels “ reported dead in #Benghazi #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #FreeLibya #Feb17

Libyan Traitor Jalil „Leader of Rebels“ Reported Dead in Benghazi

Posted: 2011/04/24
From: Mathaba
Photo: Jalil, opportunist, liar, and traitor reported killed during popular protests in support of the International Revolutionary Leader Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi the Imam of All Muslims, King of African Kings and the Teacher of The Green Book

The head of the renegade drop-outs, Mustafa Abdul „Jalel“ is reported killed yesterday in Benghazi city.

The renegade drop-outs, which include a mixture of immigration racketeers, human traffickers, organ harvesters, drug addicts, Al-CIAduh members from Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and other criminals which were released en-masse from Benghazi prisons and armed by U.S., British, Dutch and French, operatives.


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