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Puppet Regime in Benghazi Would Recognize Zionist Entity

Posted: 2011/06/03
From: Mathaba

By David Jeffrey

The French Zionist „BHL“ Bernard Henri Levy, responsible for misleading Jewish-Hungarian, paedophile-sympathizer and CIA-stooge Sarkozy into believing that occupying Libya would be a „cake walk“, said he delivered a message on Thursday from Libyan terrorist rats in Benghazi to the Zionist premier saying that they would seek diplomatic ties with Israhell if they came to power.

IF they came to power. Which they won’t. So why don’t they recognize Israhell anyway, since the midget occupying the Elysee seat in Paris, saw fit to recognize a handful of rats as a „government“, that handful of rats could simply recognize another handful of fascists in Tel Aviv as a „government“ — what’s stopping them?

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