#UK Warship gutted by Fire in #Angola, No Media Report – #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #Africa #Libya #AU

British NATO Warship Gutted by Fire, Media Blackout, Heavy Loss

Posted: 2011/07/06
From: Mathaba
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Resistance to NATO Around World Being Censored by NATO Media, As NATO With Former Colonial Powers Britain, France and Italy Wage War Against Crown of Africa, Libya

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(mathaba) — The news story of a fire that gutted a NATO warship has not been made so public because of the nature of the ship. The British war ship was docked at Luanda port in Angola middle of June. Their mission was allegedly to talk to the army commander of Angola.

The ship was heavily equipped with the military gadgets necessary for any opportunity of doing anything whatsoever. To collect any information and spying equipment and weapons of mass destruction.

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