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Some Political Advice to Libyan Friends From Occupied Russia

Posted: 2011/07/17
From: <a href="http://mathaba.net/go?http://pub.mathaba.net/2011/07/16/some-political-advises-to-libyan-friends/“ target=“_self“>Mathaba
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Some advice from long time Mathaba supporter Sam Dudic in „Occupied Russia“

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by Sam Dudic

Salam alaikum, dear Sirs and Comrades.

Mashallah, a serious historical solution lies ahead, so we should think how not to lose Revolutionary momentum and all achievements in Libyan Jamahiriya. It’s important not to excuse and let go all traitors, saboteurs, collaborators, criminals, bandits known for their evildoings against Libya, not to compromise to Western “democratic” bids and promises, not to agree to Western assistance in “restoration and development”, not to go astray from unique Islamic-Socialist way of People Jamahiriya, not to be deluded about “fair deals” with capitalist predators on supplies of oil and gas… To judge everybody according to his/their merits and actions… No step aside, no step back, no pardon to aggressors, spies, killers and defectors, both foreign and inner, caution towards collaborators and liars…

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