#Libya Before #NATO #War: Global #Economy Power House & Builder of #Africa – #OperationUnifiedProtector

Libya Before the War: Global Economic Power House, and Builder of Africa — a detailed look at the economic roots of the NATO aggression

Posted: 2011/07/21
From: Mathaba
One of the motives for the war against Libya is to stop the development of the black continent, to enable the setting up of an AfriCom military base in Cyrenaica and to begin the colonial exploitation of Africa for the benefit of the United States.

By Thierry Meyssan

In order to understand this hidden agenda, Voltaire Network interviewed Mohamed Siala, Co-operation Minister and Manager of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund.

MATHABA NOTE: This interview of Mohamed Siala, Co-operation Minister and Manager of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, includes details of the breadth and depth of many of the massive economic development projects, sponsored by the Libyan Jamahiriya, that were being conducted before NATO began its war of aggression and genocide on Libya.  If, up to now, you have been puzzled as to why the European countries, Australia, Canda, the U.S., etc., are attacking Libya so viciously, this article will reveal, with total clarity, precisely why they are attacking Libya.

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