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NATO in trouble


NATO in trouble. 44970.jpegby Manuel Domingos Neto

Only despair before the crisis would lead European leaders to calculate so badly with their intervention in Libya. Inspired by the toppling of Arab regimes and relying on wearing down Qaddafi, they mounted an unconvincing justification for „humanitarian“ help. They encouraged defections from the Libyan government and froze one hundred billion dollars in reserves of the country.

Investing in a National Transitional Council composed of unreliable terrorist insurgents, they began to feed them with money and weapons. Encouraged by the success of Obama with Osama Bin Laden, that ran counter to international law, they also tried to assassinate Qadhafi, achieving „only“ to reach the families.

After three months of a cynical declaration of a „no-fly zone“ with the fallacious argument called „responsibility to protect,“ a remedy mounted by the UN to intervene in Kosovo, NATO intervention extends until the end of September. It collects operational fiascos, and especially feeds suspicions about the future of Europe. The ugly strategists were wrong about the resilience of Gaddafi.

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