#Libya : #NATO #WarCrimes – Taking action #OperationUnifiedProtector #UN #RebelCrimes #FreeLibya #Gaddafi

Libya: NATO war crimes – Taking action


Libya: NATO war crimes - Taking action. 44975.jpeg

Unarmed civilians

I hereby present evidence of NATO war crimes in Libya against international legally binding agreements, presenting the facts and allegations open for investigation by the competent bodies; in the name of humanity I request those with powers to take this one stage further, confirming that Humankind has reached an acceptable level of civilization.

I allege that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has once again breached international law and has committed war crimes in Libya. The international community has the duty to take this matter seriously, investigate the allegations and begin legal proceedings to bring those accused before due legal process and justice.

I hereby present a report of several instances of war crimes and breach of international law by NATO in the current conflict in Libya in 2011.

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