#Ghaddafi #Speech #AbuSalim #July28 (preliminary #Translation) – #Libya #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #UN

“We can’t leave our women like this, we can’t leave our cities like this, we can’t leave our country like this”

Supporters of Gaddafi participate in a demonstration in the area of Abu Slim, where the following speech of Gaddafi was broadcasted over loudspeakers in Tripoli on July 28, 2011:

“Oh fellow citizens, sons of Abu Salim! The Abu Salim Revolution scared the agents everywhere with its honest and brave youth. The youth of Abu Salim became a model for national feelings and defiance. They confronted the enemy, the despicable crusader aggressors, with their million man demonstrations. Let them see the million man marches, let them see the Libyan people whose will they sought to flout by appointing a handful of scum of the earth, traitors who they said represented the Libyan people. When they talk the Libyan people speak for their own and without representation; who can represent the Libyan people?

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