Dr #MoussaIbrahim #Aug18 translation in Description #Libya #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #RebelFail #NATOfail



I wan to say few things about fighting..
they (rebels )who are protected by NATO’s Airpower and Qatar/ UAE money are sadly positioning themselves between the pliers (trapped) …they come in 10, 20, 30 cars …. and it becomes a case of Libyan killing Libyan and it becomes the duty of our army and our volunteers to defend themselves.
they are now protected by British missiles, French battleships, German logistics and Qatar money..(what sort of Jihad or democracy are these rebels talking about ?
In the area of Misrata a group of rebels escaped the fighting and ran towards Alhaysha instead of surrendering their arms… they cause disturbance and terrorized locals for 2 to 3 hours until the Libyan loyal fighters arrived from various directions and killed many of them and took many prisoners but few escaped in direction of the seaside and in other directions.
The Same thing happened in Tiji and Badr, they came down from the mountain but he Army surrounded them and took many of their cars and various types of weapons.
In Zawia the situation is Stable but there were skirmishes in the western region
Sorman is still suffering from the existence of these gangs but we are working continuously to free it, and it wouldn’t be a difficult thing because the area has shown great loyalty to the country and support for our leader.
Sabratha’s situation is much better than Sorman with volunteers now assuring security in the center of the town and helping the locals.
So there are still scattered problems but the overall Situation is under the control of the armed forces and volunteers… this is natural because the rebels are scattered here and there and in weak numbers unable to control any city/ area but they can create a sentiment of fear amongst the people… no more and no less.
I reassure our Libyan citizen not to be upset when they hear reports from some news outlets, I warned you before about this matter…for example in Alhaysha although they spent only 2-3 hours there .. the first thing they did is use their SNG satellite uplink portable system to upload a video to the news outlet you all know ( Aljazeera ) about taking over the town of Alyahsha … but we all know that they were kicked out in a matter of 2 to 3 hours.
This is what they will be doing from now on in various places !.. all they can do is record videos…..they want to take us back to square one .. like they did back in February with all the media Lies.
I tell you all one thing ! our country is strong, our government is strong , our Army is strong… this situation is temporary for just few days and we will continue to struggle until all our country is liberated.
Questions … 1 about loss of electricity in some places
reply … NATO targeted main electricity Generators but our engineers worked tirelessly to restore electric supply to most areas within 4 to 5 hours… and are working on the few areas that still haven’t got supply

question 2 about trying negotiations … this has been covered in detail in the latest PM video of 18/08

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