#Muslims : Time is NOW — this #opportunity wont come for 1000 yrs – #Islam #Jihad #Libya #Resistance #Iraq #Eqypt

Muslims: The time is NOW — this opportunity will not come for a thousand years

Posted: 2011/08/29
From: Mathaba
Let us see if Muslims these days are even Muslims in the East. We do not believe there are. Islam has risen in the West, with those who are not seen by the hypocrites of the east as being believers, are the actual Muslims. — Mathaba Africa Editor

By Dennis South

Note to Muslims: I say this once, and please take heed: This opportunity will not come for a thousand years.

Muammar Gaddafi is the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam. Up until this very moment, I was always carefull to call him „a“ mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam, because I did not feel comfortable viewing him with such distinction. But he is THE Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam.

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