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Revolt In Libya: a Message to Chavez

The foray against the Venezuelan Embassy in Tripoli at the hands of the National Transitional Council was meant to send President Chavez a clear message. He, too, can be overthrown by Western powers. Hence, Caracas is carefully examing the way in which the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was first strangled financially, in an effort to avoid falling prey to a similar maneuver.

Voltaire Network | Moscow (Russia) | 5 September 2011


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The Libyan rebels’ August 23 attack on the Venezuelan embassy and compound in Tripoli went largely unreported, though fatalities were narrowly averted as Venezuelan ambassador Afif Tajeldine and the embassy staff moved to a safer location at the last moment and left Libya shortly thereafter. It transpired in the wake of the incident that Venezuela’s embassy was the only one looted in the whole neighborhood, meaning that the attack which, according to eyewitness accounts, was guided by individuals of European appearance and military posture, specifically targeted the country’s mission.

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