#Libya, #propaganda and #imperialism – #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #NATOcrimes #RebelCrimes #UN #UNfail

Libya, propaganda and imperialism


Libya, propaganda and imperialism. 45337.jpegA shot of Libyan hero Muammar al-Gaddafi playing lovingly with his grandchildren on a sofa. An idiotic comment on SKY News, that this seemingly normal behaviour from a grandfather shows just how close the ties of clan can be in this part of the world. The question is, to what extent to westerners actually believe this nonsense?

Has anyone heard a more ridiculous example of propagandistic imperialism, where common affectionate human and universal values are warped and corrupted by some western pig, who corrupts a loving family scene of Grandpa playing with his grandkids into some kind of a freak show, where „Wow, the monster has feelings“ and where „Wow, those clan bonds must be strong“. One wonders whether the sickening and slobbering piles of lard sitting at home on their sofas with their newly acquired plasma TV screens are nodding obediently, snorting and cooing and saying „Cor!“

One can be sure that those who manipulate them know very well what they are doing. I am referring to those who acquired their plasma TV screens by fiddling the House of Commons expenses, then claiming, as someone we all know so well said, „If I have to pay anything back, then I shall“.

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  1. sad. everyone with feelings sees how genuine his affections are…
    and there are plenty of those videos, at speeches, at mass rallies.
    sadly, a considerable percentage of people are getting „dumb“,
    loosing feelings. fluoride in your water does that, as well.
    hello USA!

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