What they dont tell you about #Libya – #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #Resistance #NATOcrimes #Lies #Media

What they don’t tell you about Libya


What they don't tell you about Libya. 45360.jpegWe all saw Khamis al-Qathafi killed and resurrected five or six times by the „mainstream“ media, we all saw William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, lying through his teeth by affirming that Colonel Gaddafi had fled to Venezuela, then not even issuing an apology after such a blatant example of disinformation and slander. They are quick to tell you everything, it seems, except the truth.

And what is the truth? We all know what they did tell you, now let’s see what they didn’t. For a start, let us see the reply from the British Ministry of Defence to a perfectly simple and straightforward question:

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