#MathabaReporter with Latest News on #Libya #Sep19 (via Huey3man) #Resistance #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector

Mathaba Reporter with Latest News on Libya [19.09.2011] Some uplifting updates from Dennis South who reports for Mathaba and thought it was worth sharing: Things are looking up, in case you hadn't had a chance to keep up. Here are 12 major, BIG positivies: ‎1. The attacks on Bani Walid were rebuffed severely by the Libyan Defence Forces. The "rebels" lost 1000 soldiers.2. Same is the case with their attack on Sirte. 3. Ditto for Sebha 4. The Libyan Defense Forces re-captured Brega. That's the oil port … Read More

via Huey3man

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