#Libya #Gaddafi: #Jamahiriya Gov cn nvr b defeated #Sep20 & #MoussaIbrahim #Sep18

Muammar Qaddafi: Jamahiriya Government Can Never Be Defeated

Posted: 2011/09/20
From: Mathaba
Summary of leader Muammar Qaddafi speech today September 20

„All should be aware that the government of Libya is the Jamahiriya government, that the power belongs to the men and women of the Popular Conferences and the People’s Committees in Libya. This Government by the People will never fail nor fall. It embodies the millions of Libyans and for that reason it can’t fall. Anyone who says Qaddafi’s government has fallen is nothing but ridiculous and a joke. Qaddafi doesn’t have a government, therefore that government can’t fall.


>>Read Speech of Brother Leader Muamar al Gaddafi (20.09.2011)

>>Read Interview with Brother Moussa Ibrahim, Spokesman of libyan Government (18.09.2011)



Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, September 18: „We will win, Allah is with us and this is our land“

Posted: 2011/09/20
From: Mathaba
Syria-based ArRai TV exclusively broadcasted an interview in Arabic with Libyan Government’s spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim on September 18, below is a partial translation of the interview.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: „The world now sees what kind of crimes have been done against the Libyans. I want to say: Shame on the Arabs who supported those criminals and stayed silent in front of this injustice against us. Shame on all the journalists and the so-called intellectuals who haven’t even tried to come and see by their own eyes whether it was true or not that we’re persecuting our people.

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