#Libya – Green #Sabha Resistance pushes back Rat Assault 100km into desert

ATTENTION! This Text is an automatic translation of Report from Leonore


From Libia…22/09

Talking to people Sabha have the rebels who have entered Sabha themselves confess that they have come to steal cars and wealth of the richest families Sabha and especially of the tribe of Ghadafi.

Yesterday NATO aircraft and helicopters were covering the ground troops entering Sabha.
The helicopters were shooting at anything that moved through the streets and killed over 80 civilians.
They told the people of Sabha that will not stop bombers and kill until there is no one to support the leader.
On the other hand more than 400 mercenaries who have come to Libya from Tunisia and elsewhere are very angry with Jibril and the CNT because they were promised money and a lot of things if they fought and now many of them are injured and without any help.

At this time Sabha has begun two major problems:

1. The bombings of airplanes and helicopters from the NATO
2. Blood between two tribes of the dead.

It is true however that after the great NATO aggression on the population of Sabha, the village managed to get the rebels who fled and are now about 100 km.
The rebels want to pollute the public offering of the loot they have stolen or food brought to earn them. The Libyans prefer to be hungry than accept anything from these people. The Libyans say that despite all the suffering they still have enough pride not to accept any of these people.

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