#WITCHHUNTS IN „FREE“ #LIBYA – #RebelCrimes #Racism #Genocide #EthnicCleansing #Pogroms





Under the protection of NATO, the National Transitional Council gives free rein to racist killings.

While NATO’s mandate enjoins it to protect civilians, the
Alliance allows the forces of the Libyan National Transition Council to
continue their abuses. After hunting down black Africans, the summary
executions now extend to members of the Qadhadhfa tribe, that of the
fallen Leader. Hundreds of thousands of African workers have already
fled the country to escape death; the time has now come for certain
Libyans to take the road to exile if they want to survive.

Lizzie Phelan. Voltairenet.org

Critics of NATO’s intervention in Libya have launched some of their
harshest indictments against the international media, and particularly
Doha based station Al Jazeera, which positioned itself as the greatest
champion of the so-called Arab Spring. The resignation of Al Jazeera
director general Wadah Kanfar following the release of Wikileaks cables
which expose his links to the CIA is sure to give such critics a sense
of vindication. With the channel being seen as the “voice” of the
movement against Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, it also raises questions about
the potential for Mr Kanfar and the channel’s vested interests in
NATO’s intervention which brought that movement to power.

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