#Ghana Revolutionaries continue to fight for the Total #Liberation of #Africa – #Libya #Colonialism #Imperialism

Ghanaian Revolutionaries continue to fight for the Total Liberation of Africa

Posted: 2011/09/25
From: Mathaba
Ghana is the only country where citizens have taken to the streets to defend Libya *and* been arrested by the forces of dictatorial authority. Photo: The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party and Hands Off Libya coalition demonstrating against NATO and in support of Muammar Qathafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (<a href="http://www.mathaba.net/go?http://www.aaprp-intl.org/index.html“ target=“_blank“>A-APRP) has been involved in active revolutionary relations with the Libyan Jamahiriya for more than 40 years. It has defended and supported Libya in the past when imperialists have attacked the country and now has intensified their work against the NATO imperialists bombing and the illegal military invasion in Libya.

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