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On 10.05.2011. Russian newspaper Gazeta.ru received an important, scandalous document from the Ukranian intelligence agent.

Day 190: 27. september 2011. Libya news

Cuba Speech in General Assembly UN On Libya and the power of the Rich Nations (Sept 26, 2011) – >

00h/ Statement by Cuba at the General debate of the 66th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 21-24 and 26-30 September 2011) -> http://www.unmultimedia.org/tv/webcast/2011/09/cuba-general-debate-66th-session.html

24h/ teleSUR Venezuela in Libya English!http://www.youtube.com/user/telesurenglish#p/u/18/1ENJ4nibE5o

24h/ SIRTE, Libya, Sept 27 (Reuters) – LIBYAN BRAVE ARMY make stand – On Tuesday afternoon, several hours into the battle, an NTC NATO bandits left his unit a short way beyond the roundabout and came towards the rear to seek help. He was crying and in a panic. „We need help, we need help,“ he said to fellow fighters.

One of the fighters he was appealing to tried to comfort him. No one though, went forward to help rescue his wounded comrades bandits: the incoming fire was too heavy. – > http://af.reuters.com/article/libyaNews/idAFL5E7KR3BG20110927

24h/ 1. Bani Walid – today. Libyan forces attacked a convoy belonging to NATO’s clients led to the destruction of several vehicles. Killing themselves Altarhuny deputy commander of a battalion of mercenaries mortar shell sons Rafla released collection of mercenaries who are trying to make progress towards Bani Walid. … Volunteers Bani Walid killed dozens of insurgents, our one source said he saw 17 bodies of bandits, and confirmed only dozens killed and injured clients of NATO during the collision and taken prisoner. And the ambulance went to the hospital 5 times Tarhunah, but the fighting still going on. The struggle goes on throughout the Valley of the dinar.
Rebel spokesman Abdullah NATO Kinsal told AFP, that „NATO and its mercenaries retreated from their positions because of the strong fire started inside Rafla sons and to the position of our soldiers“ … 
2. Sirte: Sites rats reported: killed over 50 people. , Including a leader of the Rat (Muhammad NATO Lhalboss). According to our reporter: Siraj Abdul NATO  Raziq Reuters | Libya direct output NATO insurgents outside the town of Sirte, they say, a tactical withdrawal and the killing of rebel warlord 
3. From our correspondent on the spot: The destruction of the entire rebel convoy went north to Ghadames Libya, and they were killed by soldiers Touareg, completely destroyed the vehicles. The death of more than 270 insurgents and NATO destroyed more than 60 cars and dozens of cars armed ammunition in the valley of acacia and Owainat and Wabara by Tuaregs [Jazira Chuibekova]

24h/ Tripoli: 4. Nessbook reports: Our correspondent says the rocket hit in Tripoli International Airport, welcomed the presence of Western troops and are now passing cars to a thorough search of the area near the airport and arrested the young people of this region, without any reason. There were explosions in the night Alhaal Got around … .. Tripoli killed in the fighting Jerdan 4 people at least. Released from several people. 
5. In Cairo (Reuters) – The TV channel showed pictures on Tuesday, he said Saif al-Islam ibn Muammar Gaddafi back to September 20, rallying his troops appeared in one of the last bastions of a leader prepared a response force. Saif al-Islam for a long time did not appear in public, on the picture presented on the channel Rai, Saif al-Islam, shouted to his supporters, saying: „This is the land of your ancestors. The enemies will not get it.„Tripoli, my brothers, they entered by force. I now come, and I will send you a weapon“
23h/ Libya: The Largest Private Security Company In The World–GardaWorld, Makes An Entry Into Libya . Seriously though, this is a cool little story about the beginning stages of reconstruction in Libya. Of course security for all of these business ventures is a top priority.  What I liked about this article though, is you can just picture the frustration, the wheeling and dealing, the planning, and the dreams of making huge amounts of cash as soon as the National Transitional Council (NTC) gets it’s act together. -> http://feraljundi.com/industry-talk/libya-the-largest-private-security-company-in-the-world-gardaworld-makes-an-entry-into-libya/
22h/ NATO’s secret weapon – racism. The effects of this pernicious propaganda campaign have been seen in Benghazi, Misrata and Tawergha and across the nation and are now being seen on the streets of Tripoli as rebels round up black-skinned Libyans and African guest workers, putting them into football stadiums. -> http://humanrightsinvestigations.org/2011/09/01/natos-secret-weapon-racism/
21h/ Tunisian appeal court decides to free former Libyan PM Al Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi who was jailed for 6 months last week, lawyer says.-Reuters) – Tunisia has not received any request from Libya’s interim rulers to extradite Muammar Gaddafi’s former Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi, who was freed by a court of appeal on Tuesday, a source at the Justice Ministry told Reuters. -> http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/27/us-libya-extradite-idUSTRE78Q4JV2011092
21h/  Khamis Ghadafi who is commanding the elite Libyan 32nd Brigade explained. The Army´s Elite 32nd Brigade with 3.000 troops has adopted a new tactic in fighting the war waged on Libya to protect and preserve it´s independence and the revolutionary developments in the Arab African Country. To avoid strikes by NATO Air Forces the Army is detached in Platoon size units of 20-30 fighters who neutralize supply lines, logistics, as well as operational bases. The strategy has been applied in the areas of Al Brega, Ras Lanuf,  Zawiya and other regions. The 32nd Brigade and it´s units are the backbone around which the other Military Units, Tribal Militia, Volunteers and International Allies coalesce. The result is a permanent harassment of the invaders. Khamis Ghadafi commands the 32nd Brigade.

*** 24,040 NATO Sorties, 8,975 Strike Sorties

21h/ Sirte: The people & armed forces managed to repel the attack on Sirte and we went towards the port after their claim to control the port. Rebels withdrawn from the front after the death of their leader

20h/  According to new reports NATO Special Ops have taken position in Sirte port in a mission to allow foreign Mercenaries to be dropped off the coast. Since the Western supply routes are disrupted and cut off by the Tarhuna Tribe, NATO decided to attack from the East which failed and now in its last desperate attempt, trying to attack from the sea using foreign Mercenaries. Fighting continues with NATO Special Ops around the port, whether NATO mission will be successful or not is yet to be seen. -> http://ozyism.blogspot.com/2011/09/nato-special-ops-take-position-in-sirte.html
12h/ Heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard in the small town of Ragdaline according to new reports, fighting continues and witnesses suggests that oil refineries have been blown up by the Jamahariya Government few hours before NATO experts arrived and plan out the leaching of Libyan Resources
20h/ [Bullshit news] UN cannot get supplies into Sirte – Nato, which insists it is carrying out a UN mandate to protect civilians from attacks by troops and militias still loyal to Gaddafi, has also been reported bombing around the desert town of Bani Walid, under seige by NTC fighters -> http://www.news24.com/Africa/News/UN-cannot-get-supplies-into-Sirte-20110926
20h/ CNT REBELS SOLD THEIR BUTTS TO IZRAEL – PROOF IZRAEL BEHIND THE FAKE ‘LIBYAN SPRING’ – > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/cnt-rebels-sold-their-butts-to-izrael.html
19h/ Gaddafi’s speech 26/09/11 – Zero hour will inevitably come -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/gaddafis-speech-260911-zero-hour-will.html
19h/ Human Rights Organisations orchestrate murder in Libya
18h/ CANADA – 1 War on Libya Exposed- Mahdi Nazemroaya and Cynthia McKinney , NATO Crime In Libya ->
18h/ CANADA – 2 War on Libya Exposed- Mahdi Nazemroaya and Cynthia McKinney , NATO Crime In Libya – >
18h/ 3 War on Libya Exposed- Mahdi Nazemroaya and Cynthia McKinney , NATO Crime In Libya – >
17h/ RUSSIA – PROTEST 29 сентября в 18.00 у памятника возле метро 1905 года пройдёт митинг в поддержку Джамахирии. Слава героям сопротивления! – > http://za-kaddafi.ru/node/4233
16h/ Local people of Sirte take up arms to defend the city from onslaught of NATO-led rebels.
15h/ Zliten targeted a NATO destroyer off the coast of Misurata.Now the NATO ship has a intensely smoke coming out of it.
15h/ UK partialy retreat from Libya: Britain said it had agreed with NATO, the withdrawal of its five helicopters „Apache“ from the mission
15h/ „We’re going to punish even those that supported Moammar with words“ – Freedom and Democracy in Libya http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204010604576594852280290760.html
15h/ NATO-led rebels accused of arbitrarily killing civilians attempting to flee Sirte and Bani Walid

 [did you know]

–  Wall St protests: Police harsh, media silent? „We’re seeing an absolute erosion of our civil rights,“ said 23-year-old student Patrick Bruner, of the „Occupy Wall St.“ movement, according to NYDailyNews. ->http://rt.com/news/wall-street-protest-arrests-331/

–  Schoolgrls burned in fire Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers. One witness said he saw three policemen „beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya“. ->http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/1874471.stm10 14h/ OTTAWA: Canada’s involvement in the NATO mission in Libya has been extended another three months.

13h/ 10 Questions for Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama – 2. What is your reaction to NATO’s murderous terrorist strikes against civilians? You will be aware of the scope of your carnage in Libya which makes 9/11 look like a picnic for fairy godmothers. How do you feel about holding joint responsibility for the murder of tens of thousands of people (up to 63,000 to date)? You couldn’t care less, could you? –> http://www.moscowtopnews.com/?area=postView&id=2352
12h/ ALGERIA (fr)- Imagine that Algeria, sending planes to parachute weapons in Belgium border to the French Roscoe Jenkins Lille revolt against the Parisians. Well … the sky will fall on Algeria!
So, we must stop despising that these Western countries of Africa and they stop to destabilize Algeria. We are a sovereign state. We got our independence in 1962 by sacrificing a million and half martyrs. –>http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201109-A6218/algerie-attentat-contre-aeroport-jijel-avec-des-armes-parachutes-djebel-nefousa-libye.html
11h/ Prior to the war, Libya had no debts. In fact quite the opposite. It was a creditor nation investing in neighboring African countries. The R2P military intervention is intended to spearhead the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya into the straightjacket of an indebted developing country, under the surveillance of the Washington based Bretton Woods institutions.  In a bitter irony, after having stolen Libya’s oil wealth and confiscated its overseas financial assets, the „donor community“ has pledged to lend the (stolen) money back to finance Libya’s post-war „reconstruction“.  http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=26731
10h/ (Reuters)  UNITED KINGDOM- The investigation into the 1988 bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner over Lockerbie in Scotland is closed and Tripoli will not release more evidence that could lead to others being charged, Libya’s interim leaders said on Monday. Libya’s interim justice minister Mohammed al-Alagi turned them down, telling reporters: „The case is closed.“ -> http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/26/us-libya-lockerbie-idUSTRE78P10A20110926
09h/ LIBYA, TWARGHA – Until a few months ago, the town of Tawargha was home to about 30,000 people. Now only a few dozen men remain, hiding out in a wetlands area, sniping at anyone who approaches…NATO rebels about Black Libyans „Their area is not here. They are not originally from here, they are from the south and they can go somewhere in the south. They caused me to hate all black people.“ – > http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/after-the-war-the-vengeance-as-rebels-seek-out-traitors-2360918.html
08h/ CNN – Al Qaeda exploiting Libya’s war? –> http://edition.cnn.com/video/?hpt=wo_mid#/video/world/2011/09/20/robertson-li….cnn
07h/ LIBYA, BENGHAZI – Former Rebels’ Rivalries Hold Up Governing in Libya – It has been almost two months since the leaders of the Transitional National Council promised to assemble a new cabinet.  Negotiations are deadlocked, council members say, over how to divide power among groups from different regions. Leaders from Benghazi, Misurata, Zintan and other cities all argue that their suffering or their contributions during the revolt entitle them to a greater voice. –>  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/26/world/africa/rivalries-impede-government-formation-in-libya.html?_r=1