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Senator McCain urges Russians to armed uprising against Putin’s regime, following example of Libyans


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Senator McCain urges Russians to armed uprising against Putin‘s regime, following example of Libyans

Publication time: 29 September 2011, 22:55

US Senator John McCain called the Libyan revolution against the regime of Gaddafi’s regime an example and an inspiration for the peoples of Russia, reports Agence France-Presse.


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OZYISM Reports Oct1 (Until 13:00 h)


AL Jazeera confirms – Rebels flee Sirte


Al Jazeera wrote: „Fighters for Libya’s new rulers have been forced to regroup on the edge of Sirte, after pro-Gaddafi snipers halted a two-week old assault on the ousted despot’s hometown.“ This cuts down all speculations on capturing seaport or any other part of the to…

Dr. Ibrahim Moussa is safe and sound!! (confirmed)


1/oct/11 A complete fabricated propaganda lie regarding Ibrahim Moussa has been spreading through NATO propaganda outlets, but recently NTC spokesperson Adel Ibrahim in Misrata exposed the blatant lie by saying, that „If the Misrata fighters had captured him (Ibrahim Moussa), they would have told us“. So many lies piled up for soul purpose of hiding the genocide, to divert attention from the devastating crimes against humanity which is committed by NATO and its Mercenaries on the ground. These…

NATO Mercenaries faced big trap in Eastern Sirte before retreat loosing 90


30/sept/11 Due to the loss of NATO Mercenary commanders, NATO forces are confused in all fronts. In the Eastern front, the remaining NATO Mercenaries attempted an assault without higher up orders, the result was devastating. They captured a building and sheltered inside and held surrounding positions. They received no resistance at all mainly because it was a booby trapped building. Explosives were detonated while NATO Mercenaries were planning their next move, causing at least 90 casualties, the rest fled the scene leaving dead bodies and injured Mercenaries. Libyan Defence Forces contacted…

Fighting intensifies in Tripoli as Libyan Defence forces enter CIA headquarters


30/sept/11 According to new reports, Libyan Defence forces have captured CIA headquarters, and have managed to retrieve important and confidential documents. Many other strategic locations have been captured by the Libyan Elite forces who are operating in teams of 30. These documents are crucial for future attacks and assaults against NATO and its mercenaries, it will also reveal important information which will help the resistance stay one step ahead of foreign aggressor. Other reports suggests that Green flags have been raised up in different locations of Tripoli, residential houses have…

US Springs on its beginning phases


30/sept/11 A large Union has decided to join the protests against Corporate Fascism in US. New York Transit Workers Union (TWU) has decided to join the protests, something which the US regime feared from the start. US regime quickly cracked down on protests outside Wall Street fearing it might spread and gain popularity. The protests mimics that of Egypt, where protesters began camping in one area of Cairo which gain huge popularity. NATO propaganda outlets have given very small coverage to the…

Libyan people rise up in Benghazi against NATO Mercenaries


30/sept/11 Many reports indicate that the people of Benghazi are sick of armed thugs and Mercenaries roaming the streets, harassing and terrorising ordinary people. New reports show that the Green flags have been raised up in many parts of the town, even though many have disappeared for doing so. People are sick and tired of NATO Mercenaries and released prisoners, they seem to not care anymore, they don’t care whether they are abducted without a trace, or even killed for raising the green flag, and expressing their support for the Jamahariya Government. The Jamahariya government has come to…

The lies of NATO Mercenary commander Dau Salihin few hours before his death


30/sept/11 Dau Salihin gave an interview for NATO propaganda Anatolia news only few hours before his death. In the interview he said that „we do not want to use heavy weapons“ in Bani Walid because of civilians, but hundreds of reports expose his lies. Even AFP, a NATO mouth piece admits that NATO Mercenaries have heavily used „tanks, rocket launchers and artillery“ in the Sirte and Bani Walid assault. A man lying right before his death, I wonder how he will be judge by All…



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