My News From LibyaTripoli: From the 16/03/2012 till 04/04/2012

I have been planning this trip for ages I had to cancel it many times as it was very dangerous for me to be in Tripoli. Then I got a message from my comrades that I can come home and visit my family and friends and of course to meet to discuss further of what we can do for the Resistance plus to see with my own eyes WHAT the TRAITORS / RATS have done in MY COUNTRY and CITY.

So the day has arrived, the taxi came picked me up took me to the airport, I was anxious to see with how many rats I will be travelling home! We were supposed to fly at 14:00 local time but there was a delay by the LibyanArab Airline no surprise there! The flight was supposed to leave Tripoli and arrive its…

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