#Iraq #Resistance bombards #US agents nest in #Baghdad

 May 26, 2012


The „Army Tabi’in“, one of the factions of the Iraqi resistance has taken four Katyusha bombardment on 23 May the headquarters of the U.S. occupiers in the „green zone“ installed by imperialism Baghdad. This bombing is part of the campaign called „Sky Arrows aim the Green Zone and its criminal“ launched by that fraction. Washington’s propaganda claims a withdrawal from Iraq. Have actually replaced their regular forces by thousands of heavily armed mercenaries holed up in various databases throughout the country. The Iraqi resistance has identified these bases and constantly harassed until their complete dismantling and final departure of NATO, the USA and all its servile lackeys. The imperialist media ignore this reality to deceive world public opinion. source http://assurbanipal-banipal.blogspot.com/


Source: Autotranslation from Al Mokawama / Resistancia

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