#Libya: #NATO- #NTC bombs Citiy of #Zliten

by Konstantyn Sheglikov

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Rats bombing Zliten City 16 innocent one got killed by bombing also they fired 4 houses they destroy Mosques inside the City they use airplanes to kill civilians .

yesterday this city was freed from rats now NATO and allies bombed city

#Libya – Military build up of foreign Occupation Troops for Ops in #Africa – #AU #NTC #Syria #Azawad #Mali #Niger #Uganda

translation from arabic by Konstanty Sheglikov

Libyan sources told The military exercises were in secrecy in Libya, have been seen by the workers oil companies Jamahiriya and some nomads, where the four European countries allocate about 2000 element of its own forces to take part in the exercises in the framework of the project military for rapid intervention in the Sahel, through the special forces being prepared several months ago, and aims to eliminate the leaders of al Qaeda and the Tawhid and Jihad, or interfere with the release of hostages in the region.

And involved 800 soldiers from the Special Forces French, British, Italian and Spanish
In a combat exercise was carried out in different areas Balharog In Hamada divine, central and south-eastern Libya, the theme simulate the intervention process and airdrops in the Sahel region .. And participated in training exercises drones and attack helicopters and carts transported to an airstrip near the city of Libyan Zewela.


#August20 #2011: The tragedy of #Tripoli #Libya

August 20. The tragedy of Tripoli


Nicholas Sologubovsky

A year ago, August 20, 2011, began a decisive battle for Tripoli, capital of Libya


This article from Eugene Larin I received from Tunisia and offer it to your attention …


The Tripolitanian tragedy


The revolt in Libya, inspired by the West, began in February 2011. With the help of special forces from NATO and Al-Qaeda militants seized the city of Benghazi, the rebels and created it’s own government. Western countries, including the U.S., Russia and later admitted his only „legitimate authority“ in the country.

Operation to capture the capital of Libya, dubbed „Mermaid Dawn“, was launched in May 2011. Its first stage is a set of „volunteers“, their training and the formation of numerous fighting cells that later secretly transferred to Tripoli.

In Tripoli and other cities in Libya, as well as in other countries, both Arab and European, was a secret set of mercenaries. Then they all arrived in Benghazi, where there were in special training camps, including those in the camps, „al-Qaeda“, the existence of which the Libyan leaders said from the start the rebellion.

The instructors are the British spetssnazovtsy, employees of foreign intelligence MI-6, and the soldiers of France, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently were sent to Libya and the military units in those countries.

For weeks, the mercenaries in various parts of Benghazi had been trained in handling weapons, actions with explosives, acquired the skills of sabotage. At the same time they learned street fighting.

Tons of weapons, ammunition, communications were secretly taken to Tripoli and concealed in secret warehouses.

Immediate plan to seize Tripoli was developed with the participation of the leaders of the rebels, the British advisers elite unit SAS (SAS) and MI-6. „

„British special forces played a key role in helping the rebels to take control over Tripoli,“ – wrote later, „Sunday Telegraph“.

By mid-August to three thousand people who have been trained, were abandoned in Tripoli. They came to the capital and led a normal life for Libyans, waiting for the signal. Thus were created the „sleeping“ battle groups „in the capital. Similar groups was abandoned and in other cities that are in the vicinity of Tripoli.

August 18 NATO commandos seized an oil refinery in Az-Zawiya, thus depriving the Libyan army of one of the most important sources of fuel.

August 19 the rebels took control of the city center Zlitan 160 kilometers from Tripoli.

August 19 fighters from Misrata captured the town of Zlitan, who were fighting for more than two months. In this area to the eastern outskirts of Tripoli (Tadjoura area) remained 140km;

South of Tripoli after the capture of the city on August 14 Garyan rebels fought themselves with the south and west to the city of Al-Azizia. To the southern outskirts of Tripoli was 40km.

By the end of August 19 insurgents and NATO special forces with air support, ousted the Libyan side of the central and eastern parts of Az-Zawiya, to the western outskirts of Tripoli (Dzhanzur area) was about 20 km.

The rebels, al-Qaida militants and NATO special forces were able to largely cover the capital from different sides of the country.

Under the control of the Libyan army were the roads leading to the south-east (to the tarragon and continue to Bani Walid) and south (bypassing Garyana from the east).

Simultaneously with the start of operations in the Libyan capital, fighting groups were involved in social media and telephone, when thousands of people in the capital at the same time receive a text message on their mobile phones calling for „uprising“, and instructions how to operate in the current circumstances.

„Operation Mermaid Dawn“, including the finals, held in the strictest secrecy.


„Fifth Column“ began the first assault Tripoli


In order to support the rebels, NATO aircraft significantly increased in the morning on August 20 its attacks on the capital facilities and residential areas. Information from Tripoli handed British special forces unit, and is constantly in the skies of the capital drones thousands of miles driven U.S. military specialists.

The final part of the operation began the evening of 20 August when an armed cells in Tripoli had been ordered to act. The signal for the uprising was the television appearance (at 20:00 hours local time) Jalil heads the rebels, which was broadcast to the entire Libyan Jamahiriya Qatari satellite channel. Libyan state TV at the time was „blocked“ by means of „killing“ of NATO.

Jalil appeal contained the sentence: „You have to match the event,“ which is an encoded message to Tripoli was in secret cells to take action.

Evening of August 20 in some areas of the capital began speaking groups „fifth column.“ Everyone knew what he should do: take any object, in what place or arrange to block the road checkpoint. All this has allowed the military to surprise Libya and seize the strategic initiative.

The first object, which the rebels captured this evening, were the big Ben Nabi Mosque in the capital. Using loudspeakers, designed for calling the faithful to prayer, opposition activists announced the start of the uprising and called on people to join him.

At 22:00 pm on 20 August, in the waters of the civilian port of Tripoli, adjacent to the Old Town, included amphibious ships of NATO, in which the rebels were brought heavy weapons and special means of communication. They landed sides of the UK Special Forces, France and Eastern Europe. Their mission was to keep in contact with insurgent groups fighting in the area, as well as in building a NATO aircraft on target. Including landing party was landed out of 200 thugs from Misrata, who became famous after the massacre of the townspeople.

Along with trained mercenaries in Benghazi and Riot in the West, in Tripoli, there were also ethnic divisions Libyans who lived the last years of the EU. Thus, the weekly „Sunday Times“ reported team „Sheikh Mahdi“ (named after the commander – Libyans living in Ireland) number of 350 and formed from residents of Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. In the past four months, the team was given intensive training in conjunction with special units of the U.S., France and Qatar.


Evening of August 20 Brigade „Sheikh Mahdi“ entered Tripoli.


On Saturday night, August 21, NATO aircraft, groups of several aircraft bombed 46 times brightly lit Tripoli. British used, in particular, managed satellite heavy bombs „Peyvuey-4.“ This was the worst bombing of the city in 2011. Loss of the Libyan army in Tripoli from this bombing was so great that at the time of the assault the enemy was numerical superiority in manpower. Army came to the aid of the townspeople.

„NATO has played a huge role in establishing control over Tripoli,“ – said later one of the leaders of the rebels.

A key element of the capture of the capital was the operation to recruit Mohammed Eshkala – brigade commander Mohammed Megraef. Subordinate battalions carried out on the perimeter defense of Tripoli and areas of the city gates. Eshkal entered the inner circle of Muammar Gaddafi in the past 20 years, he made a deal with the Transitional National Council, according to which, when it’s „H Hour“, it will give the city the rebels, stresses the „Sunday Telegraph“. All items have been handed over the rebels without a fight.

One of the military leaders of the PNC Fathi Baja said the opposition managed to get in touch and to „agree“ with the command of mid-level military Gaddafi. As a result, it is allowed to be in the vicinity of Tripoli, rebel squads virtually no resistance to enter the capital for the connection to the secret cells „fifth column.“

After the rebels and commandos who landed from the sea, have a foothold in the city, the capital of the nearby towns and villages to the capital during the night from 20 to 21 August arrived „hundreds of thugs.“


War of nerves


The events in Tripoli fed Western and Arab media as a spontaneous popular uprising. Previously appeared on TV filmed scenes of the „popular uprising.“

Reported that the „rebellion“ cover two areas of eastern Tripoli – Tadjoura and Souq al-Juma, and nearer to the center Fashlyum and Ben Ashur.

Reported that „it is in these areas in February were the strongest anti-government protests, the authorities suppressed with the use of arms.“ Any statements in February 2011 in these areas were not.

Another spread disinformation, „the rebels have expressed doubts about the timeliness of the rebellion at a time when they are well-armed and organized groups are not included in the capital.“

There was no fighting in Dzhanzure, an area located in the west of the city on the way to Al-Zaviyu. Dzhanzur how the Western media have reported, „was“ stuffed „by government forces.“ In fact Dzhansur was in the hands of the people’s militia and units of General Khamis.


Guns in the hands of the people


Note that the Libyan government has armed almost the entire adult population of the city, as well as other towns and villages, Kalashnikov assault rifles. At the hands have a significant amount of weapons, but not all know how to use them. Education is just beginning!

And some of the weapons fell into the hands of well-organized cells „fifth column“!

August 20 began the evening of powerful explosions and gunfire in the eastern city of Tripoli, capital of Libya. Libyan government officials have stated that this attack rebels in the city and they were repulsed. And the Associated Press. referring to the rebels passed: this is the beginning of the operation to seize control of the capital.

Agence France-Presse from the words of local residents reported that in the eastern part of the city there were „armed conflict“.

Reuters referring to the rebels announced that they are fighting with the „Gaddafi’s troops“ for Mitiga airport to the east of the capital.

It is also noted that the streets of Tripoli went live in Gaddafi opponents, mostly young people, who chanted religious slogans of al Qaeda. The country’s leaders, in turn, has brought to the streets of hundreds of thousands of supporters.

The main parts of the Libyan army fought outside Tripoli, on other fronts, taking heavy losses from the constant bombardment of NATO air power.

Detachments of the „fifth column“ managed to gain a foothold in some quarters.

August 21 they entered the adjoining Fashlyumu Dougray and Zawiya al-Dahmani.

Everywhere there was fighting between the rebels and special forces, on the one hand, and on the other, few parts of the Libyan army and militia units. Still, under pressure from the Patriots ‚fifth column‘ start cowardly retreat.


Special forces and rebels stormed Tripoli


August 21 launched an offensive of the rebel forces of Al-Zawiya on the coast road to Tripoli.

Journalists accompanying the rebels stated that a 20-kilometer road to the capital had no troops Libyan army. The fighting began on the western outskirts Dzhanzura which was the base of the elite Khamis Brigade. Caused by the special forces of NATO aviation has positions Khamis fighters bombed, which lasted as long as the remaining defenders.

Only then NATO commandos and rebel forces entered Tripoli from the west. Here they joined the units, which were planted by sea. Began fighting for the center of the city, including at the famous Green Square.

Western channels transmit pre-defined reports from Green Square, where if he already went „a celebration of victory over Gaddafi.“

(Only many days later we find out how organized breakdown of the defense of the city.)

But despite that the fighting was all night. The rebels managed to dislodge militia troops and army units from the center and grab the green areas.

But Libyan patriots continued to hold the line.



August 22. Street fighting in the city


Morning of August 22 the assembled crowd, who were supposed to represent the citizens cheering on the Green Square were fired from automatic weapons. Area immediately emptied. Removed and journalists, who were taken to the west of Tripoli.


In the city center broke out again fierce fighting.


Fighting continued throughout the city.

Morning of August 22 soldiers and officers of the Libyan army and the patriots of the militia continued to hold the position in the „downtown“ of Tripoli, at the junction of the old city which is a green area. In their hands were the neighborhood of Mansour, Bab al-Aziziyah, Nasr High Demasheg, Abu Salim, Hai Al Akuh, Hadba al-Khadra, Salah al-Din.

Position Patriots stretched triangular strip from the southern outskirts of the city to the Green Square. Further south in their hands were the areas along the road to the airport, went beyond Tripoli and reached the town of Al-Azizia. Also under the control of the Patriots had all the south-west direction – in a suburb of Ain Zara and further tarragon. In their hands were Maytiga airbase area (between Tadjoura and Souq al-Juma) and military port, which borders Zawiya al-Dahmani

In other areas of the defense kept the pockets of resistance that fought all day and were overwhelmed by superior forces of the coalition of NATO.

August 22 shooting continued in almost all areas of the city. And the reported active in these areas, the snipers.

Severe fighting continued from the evening of 21 August, the al-Srem, Sidi Khalifa, Bab Ben Gashir Garghur and, on the Limits of „triangular wedge“ Libyan patriots held out to the center. Maintain the right of the defense forces and militia. The rebels have been paralyzed „sniper war“ that residence on the outskirts of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been much more active than in the suburbs.

August 22 there was a so-called „tank attack“: first in the „Twitter“ rebels send a message such as „tanks out of the Bab al-Aziziyah,“ then revived patriots „Internet users“, described the events as „the approach Khamis Brigade“, reported that took part in the attack 22 tanks ..

. But air unchallenged pospodstvovala NATO aircraft and aerial reconnaissance NATO reported that the Libyan army tanks in the streets there.

One correspondent sent „out of the gate of Bab al-Aziziyah left tank and opened fire.“ Subsequently, one NATO aircraft lined tank was „captured“ and „tiled“ western photographers around the residence of the Bab al-Aziziyah.

August 22 major fighting took place for control of the neighborhood of Mansour, covering the access to the residence from the north. By the end of the day fell silent Libyan TV. Telecentre is located on the border of Mansour and „downtown.“ Thus, the Bab al-Aziziyah was covered by special forces from three sides. Were cut off from the main body and the Patriots in the „downtown“.

August 22 rebels also launched attacks in the south, and their accompanying correspondent reported that the captured city of Al-Aziziyah, then a column of armored vehicles turned north, to the capital.

August 22 misurattsev armored forces began to advance along the coastal road of Zlitan, and only by the end of August 22, breaking the 140 km, they reached the capital. Accompanied the column correspondent reported that a small battle with the national botsami opolchniya was only 10 km west of Zlitan – and then move without delay, taking on the road without a fight big city of Homs. In the vicinity of the famous ancient city of Leptis Magna, the victim of NATO bombing and then plundered misurattsami.


Psychological warfare August 22


Virtually all media outlets and by some new media, including Russian, reported that troops occupied Tripoli rebels or insurgents, as they are called western NATO „allies“. It is said that at all about all they have left only a few hours as part of the military, designed to defend the Libyan capital, laid down their arms, and some defected to the rebels. Only the old quarters of Tripoli is still defending the so-called „mercenaries from Chad.“ According to BBC, some representative of the International Criminal Court has confirmed that the son of the Libyan leader, Seif-al-Islam Gaddafi arrested. Previously, this was reported by „insurgents.“

However, quoted rebel representatives: „Gaddafi forces fled from us. We waited for a serious battle – but did not meet any resistance. This is a truly historic moment. All residents of Tripoli are now with us celebrate victory. „

According to representatives of NATO, the Gaddafi regime „is collapsing.“ NATO Secretary General Anres Fogh Rasmussen said: „The sooner Gaddafi realizes that he can not win, the better.“ The U.S. State Department called on the National Transitional Council of Libya to develop a plan of government after the overthrow of the regime.

U.S. President made a statement in response to recent events in Libya. Without waiting for the battle for Tripoli, the White House said that „Tripoli escape from tyranny.“ He expressed confidence that the regime of Muammar Gaddafi has reached the final point and called the colonel to admit defeat, giving up power.

Unlike Western leaders, Russian officials reacted very cautiously to the events in Libya, limiting cautious commentary all day. The Russian President, Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet expressed its attitude to capture Tripoli troops „insurgents.“ The head of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev explained neutral stance taken by Russia, the fact that the Libyan „opposition“ „no stable political platform.“ (!)

Russian leaders still can not understand that the „opposition“ can be a single political platform: kill, kill and kill! „

Later in the afternoon the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement. This is – an amazing statement in its content, and it is necessary to know:

„According to incoming reports, prolonged armed conflict in Libya between the Gadhafi regime and opposition forces (?) In the last days and hours entered a crucial phase of the street fighting for control of the country’s capital – the city of Tripoli. Libyan rebels claim that capture and hold in their hands the nodal facilities management and infrastructure capital. arrested Gadhafi’s sons.


(Where such data? By U.S. intelligence? Prim.publ.)


As a result of fierce fighting multiply casualties on both sides, including civilians. Russian Foreign Ministry in constant close contact with the Russian Embassy in Tripoli, working in compliance with the stringent security measures. All employees of the Russian embassy and their family members are safe and sound, the necessary means of life support. The onset of the dramatic turn of events in the Libyan conflict indicates, apparently, of a coming soon transition of power in this country in the hands of rebel forces.

(You only get a grasp of these words! Libyan people still struggling, the Libyan army is still fighting, the Libyan leadership still holds the defense and hopes that someone will come to the rescue! A Russian Foreign Ministry reiterates behinds Western propaganda about the „transfer of power“ – Approx. publ.)

We hope that this will put an end to the prolonged mezhliviyskomu bloodshed that has brought so much misery and suffering to the population of the country and caused serious damage to the national economy. We are convinced that the cessation of hostilities must be immediately followed by the beginning of the formation of legitimate political authority and agree on the foundations and principles of the future democratic state arrangement in the interests of all its citizens while respecting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya.

(Do not immediately followed from the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Neither the integrity or sovereignty, the interests of all citizens, nor democratic arrangement! Prisons and concentration camps and training bases of mercenaries and terrorists – that was a continuation. Tragedy and add the citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, which are still „legal authorities“ Libya left to rot in their jails! Those who sighted and signed the document MFA, they realized that they did? Or it fate that Libyan citizens, Russian citizens give a damn?)

One of the important lessons of the Libyan conflict has been confirmation of the obvious truth that the civil strife in the sovereign state of all members of the international community should act in relation to what is happening there as cautiously and responsibly, strictly guided by the spirit and letter of the Charter and the relevant UN resolutions. In the context of current events, call upon all States to comply strictly with the requirements of resolutions 1970 and 1973, the UN Security Council to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Libya and to provide practical assistance to protect the civilian population and the process of the formation of a legitimate government in the country.

(Never and nowhere NATO members did not act responsibly. They wanted to spit on the spirit and the letter! They will intervene and interfere in the internal affairs of Libya and still do not do anything to protect the civilian population! Prim.publ.)

It was such a principled approach to the start of the conflict and stuck to Russia, which is associated with the Libyan people long relationship of mutual sympathy, friendship and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. In line with this, our fundamental policy, we will act in the future, giving him support and possible assistance. In this case, we can expect that with the Libyan side will take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the Russian Embassy in Tripoli and all those in Libya Russian citizens. „

(No action on the part of the „new Libyan authorities“ had not been done, I hope only one thing: that the foreign ministries of the three countries – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – will be Black Book of the crimes committed by the rebels in Libya against the citizens of the three countries. And in this book describes and of the dead citizens of different countries, including Western journalists killed, and about the suffering endured, including our compatriots


Meanwhile, the agency continued to report:

Meanwhile, the situation in Tripoli is still not completely clear. Fierce fighting between supporters and opponents of Muammar Gaddafi after a while once again turned in the Libyan leader’s residence in the capital, Tripoli, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the AFP. According to correspondents, while the company is actively fighting in different parts of the city. According to a representative of the „insurgents“ in an interview with the Arabic satellite channel Al Jazeera has recognized that government forces control about one-fifth of the city.


Blogger el_murid reported August 22:

„I look different messages about the situation around Tripoli. And note the extraordinarily large number of different mismatches that may indicate – and no doubt testify – on a pre-arranged and very serious operation in the information space, „writes the blogger. „So. Two mote in the eye, which immediately aroused interest. Internet and video message that suddenly at 8 am today disconnected in February, the Internet in Tripoli earned … Actually night in Tripoli fighting. To be honest – not to service and customer care. However some care includes internet – and it will immediately begin to go roller shaft from the scene. The rebels, tricolor flags, happy crowd … I think that everything is easier. No internet in Tripoli included – is simply false information – and under it in the net thrown beforehand shot videos. Where the shot? Yes, in Qatar. The model of the Bab al-Aziza. It is these movies are now going through all channels and are issued for the live program. Strange – two days earlier from Tripoli overtake image was a problem. Assault began – and is almost 3D-Session … Striking discrepancy full pictures and direct interventions to euronews and other channels. In fact, all the correspondents say that they know nothing, see nothing, about the shooting, someone on the phone said to the crowd of young people with guns. All. That is – the correspondents report only some shooting and NATO jets over Tripoli. Thus there is a picture – which is typical – a shot in the dark, and in the daytime. The city is still not caught – and if that happens – so at night. Still cheering crowds mixed with green and tri-colored flags (sic!) cheer on bright sunny streets. In Tripoli, by the way, daylight hours three years ago – not before.


Putnik1 blogger published his analysis:

1) What is called the „storm of Tripoli“, in fact, of course, landing operation of French, British, and (probably) of the U.S. special forces. One of the main purposes – it is possible to say – were the leaders and the leaders of the defense of legitimate authority. Once it is admitted even by a prominent and very cautious representative of the colonial administration of the Russian Federation, Mr. Kosachev not dispute this fact. 2) After a serious panic in Tripoli, restored order with respect to the forces of the brigade Khamis al-Gaddafi came to his call volunteers, as citizens and residents of rural areas. In fact, the landing performed his task perpetrate maximum bloodshed in the capital and gave the picture. Now pockets of rebellion, apparently isolated. 3) The rumors of the capture of Mohammed and Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, at least at the moment, should be regarded as fiction, neither one nor the other is still shown on TV, but what about all of Muhammad became known that attempt to capture ( SWAT team on a tip correspondents Al Jazeera, who took his interviews) failed. In general, as it turned out, the roof of correspondents ‚civilized‘ media (CNN is known about exactly) based Western intelligence agents and aviakorrektirovschiki. 4) Colonel alive with Khamis collects militia. At dawn, he – in a helmet and with a gun – appeared on the Green Square, where, as it turns out, the rebels did not exist. 5) All of the „civilized journalists backed off a bit in terms of fanfare. All the leaders of the „civilized“ world, from Juppe and Obama to Rasmussen and Merkel, unanimously silent in a rag, slowly declare victory, and if something and express aloud, the only requirement to the Colonel, „to leave his post.“ That is, no victory. Landing shits and failed. 6) But there is nothing to be happy: is about to begin an emergency meeting of the UN, on which NATO is likely to be entitled to a formal ground operation.



August 23. Street fighting in the city


August 23 fighting continued in the city center, including the area of the green.

It was only on August 24 began the organized rebel „celebration“ with their citizens herded Tripoli. August 24 looting located at Green Square Museum of Antiquities. Disappeared without a trace Tripolitanian unique statue of Venus, the Italians, vyvezshie her thirties, had to return to Libya.

Recall that the „video“ of this „celebration“ antiliviyskie channels already broadcast on August 22.

August 23 morning, the rebels had been captured with the battle of Tripoli International Airport.

Fighting continued in the nearby town of the airport Ben Gashir and east of the road to the airport. Here, the main center of resistance was the Yarmouk military base.

However, major events unfolded on August 23 in the center of Tripoli, near the Bab al-Aziziyah. The rebels, backed by riot police, not stormed the residence in anticipation of „go-ahead“ from NATO. In the afternoon, at the residence of the Leader were plotted bomb and rocket attacks, and then the assault began. While correspondents included in the Bab al-Aziziyah, reported that the residence rebels almost unopposed.

Events then moved … our television screens, where again there is not known where he has made videos of „mass celebrations“, as in the night of 21 to 22 August at the Green Square. In fact, there is no „festival“ was not, and the rebels had no time for them: in the neighborhoods around the residence fighting continued.



August 24. Street fighting in the city


On the morning of August 24 rebels who seized the residence came under artillery fire. Libyan snipers were active.

The main event is the 24th deployed to the south of the residence – the rebels managed to take the evening areas Nasr and High Damasheg. Libyan patriots moved to southern Tripoli (Abu Salim al-Hadba Khadra, Salah al-Din), where they fought bravely for a few days, despite the bombing from the air ..

In these areas, together with the soldiers Libyan army fought many citizens of the People’s Militia. They had something to protect. It is along the road to the airport (the area of Abu Salim, Sidi Salim) in recent years have been built large housing blocks, to distribute the Libyans on the program „every family free housing from the government.“

August 24 inmates were released from prison of Abu Salim. Speculation about the „repression of the regime“ of detainees in prisons Jamahiriya was not confirmed.

August 24 was again fighting in the airport, resulting in burned and two were damaged several airliners.



August 25. Street fighting in the city


August 25 major fighting took place for the area of Abu Salim, attacked from several sides. It was the biggest losses were recorded during the battle for Tripoli. Correspondents filmed dozens of unarmed prisoners, insurgents displayed here.

Judging by the pictures or videos – about two-thirds of the detainees were Africans, and there is a high probability that many of them civilians, they are not lucky enough to be in a battle which has become the epicenter of the Abu Salim where militants stormed brutalized ..

At one of the junctions between the Bab al-Aziz and Abu Salim reporters counted about 30 Libyan soldiers were shot, and two of them had their hands tied. Trauma Hospital in Abu Salim in several rooms reporters saw about 60 corpses – mostly soldiers, but also the bodies of women and children.

Journalists photographed two dozen killed in civilian clothes, their bodies were lying near the hospital in dumpsters.

Their wounded fighters were transported to numerous hospitals Tripoli. Had been in the hospital in a military base Maytiga correspondents reported that the whole department is busy wounded Libyan soldiers, and they were told that most of them came from that same area of Abu Salim.

August 26, along with the ongoing skirmishes in Abu Salim, reported fighting in Salah ad-Din and a military base Yarmouk.



In the night from 26 to 27 August. Organized retreat


On the night of August 27 to begin a withdrawal from Tripoli Libyan units and militia groups.

The number of columns, left in the day Tripoli, as well as their staff – is unknown. Several militants demonstrated prisoners told reporters:

one large column consisting of 80 cars went on the main road to the tarragon and continue to Bani Walid, and within it was General Khamis, the son of Muammar Gaddafi. In the area of tarragon this column subjected night air raid NATO on video recorded part of destroyed vehicles from this column and dead soldiers.

The second convoy of 30 cars proceeded to one of the minor roads – and the prisoners argued that it was within it were the most important person, likely leader Muammar Gaddafi.

In the third column were leader’s wife, daughter Aisha and his sons Mohammed and Hannibal. The column was spotted leaving a night tour of the city Garyana the east and south, then she took the direction to Mizdu, Ghadames and walked toward the Algerian border.

During the night of 26 to August 27 in the Ghadames was another large convoy of vehicles. Perhaps it was the fourth column, which also came out of Tripoli

Again, this is only the version column was much higher military command decided to leave Tripoli and preserve the remnants of the Libyan army.

August 27 morning, the rebels and NATO special forces fought occupied base in Yarmouk camp and Ben Gashir, and then went by car „chase“ for columns that have managed to get out of Tripoli. But on the way they lay in wait for an ambush, and their advance was stopped.

And who left the column, including armored vehicles, had been, according to avozdushnoy and Space Intelligence, in the south, near Sebha, or on Algerian territory. In the left column of Algeria with family members Libyan leader.

In addition, a large number of Libyan soldiers, led by the leader and his sons Khamis and Mutassimom retreated to the town of Bani Walid.

NATO invasion resistance continued.



The country was turned into a concentration camp


Why NATO aircraft and special forces could not cut off the retreat of the Libyan patriots to the south and south-east, despite the fierce bombardment leaving columns?

Enemy forces exhausted. Defenders of Tripoli caused such damage to the aggressors that long rebels, NATO and Al-Qaeda thugs come to life. And yet for many days they continued to „smooth out“ the city of supporters Jamahiriya.

Killed tens of thousands. Libyan soil dug up the mass graves. Thousands of patriots were thrown into prisons and concentration camps, which have languished ever since. Many of them have disappeared without a trace …

August 28 a correspondent with the column rebels arrived in tarragon. He reported that the rebels set their flags at the entrance to the city, but jubilation for regime change is not observed among the citizens, and met a few people „had scowl.

Another correspondent, who visited the tarragon on August 31, said that in the center of a lot of waving green flags, the rebels in town and the locals he openly expressed his sympathy for the rule of Gaddafi.

It should be noted that the correspondents saw tarragon armed groups and militia units Libyan army. They only met people in civilian clothes. The commander of the rebels, putting up checkpoints at the entrances to the city, he said, why are they not included in the city: the townspeople a lot of weapons in the city there are fighters Libyan army. Therefore, the input to the city, even in order to thwart the green flags and hang new, action deemed „untimely.“ In addition, they are used to join the battle after NATO bombing.

But the order to bomb Bani Walid – the city was bombed for two months! – And then go to the assault of the city will come later …

There were still two months of undeclared war against the influx of Libya. Arab, African, Muslim country, its people defended themselves alone. And the whole world has been zombified „psychological warfare“ of Western and Arab media that anti-Arab, anti-Islamic forces, it is necessary to admit, conducted professionally and won millions of dollars to fool the audience.

But shamefully lost her battle with the spirit of the Libyan people.

Libyan patriot brought up on the idea of Jamahiriya, to its knees not. It can kill, but to make a slave – it is impossible!


„Dawn“, after which the twilight of the „new Libya“

When the secret is clear

„Fog of War“ has not dissipated over Tripoli, and already began to receive details of the capture of the Libyan capital, „Operation Mermaid Dawn.“ „The current operation to capture insurgent Tripoli has been developed in conjunction with the NATO leadership Libyan opposition in Benghazi,“ – said the representative of obeying the Transitional National Council (TNC) of Libya military Fadlalah Harun.

According to him, the operation, dubbed „Mermaid Dawn“ was launched in May 2011. Its first stage is a set of „volunteers“, their training and the formation of numerous fighting cells that later secretly transferred to Tripoli.

As reported by the London weekly „Sunday Telegraph“ in Tripoli and other cities in Libya, as well as in other countries, both Arab and European, was a secret set of mercenaries.

The instructors are the British spetssnazovtsy, employees of foreign intelligence MI-6, and the soldiers of France, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates.

Immediate the plan to seize Tripoli was developed with participation of the rebels, the British advisers elite unit SAS (SAS) and MI-6. „

„Sunday Telegraph“ notes that the final part of „Operation Mermaid Dawn“ – a way out of the underground in Tripoli numerous armed groups „fifth column“ – came as a complete surprise to the Libyan leadership. 19 and 20 August the rebels continued heavy fighting for the town of Az-Zawiyah, 50 km west of the capital. Apparently, the weekly said, the military command decided that he has a sufficient time to strengthen the defense of Tripoli.

In turn, „Sunday Times“ reported that the cause of the acceleration of events in Libya was „fieldwork special groups from the UK, France and Qatar.“ Was an effective vertical system of information and follow orders to strike. Agents on the ground reported via satellite communications on the situation on the battlefield, and immediately, NATO aircraft struck at Libyan army troops ..

This system includes, thanks to „unmanned zone,“ drones are constantly „hanging“ over Libya and NATO intelligence aircraft. Also, special forces of NATO countries, abandoned in different cities of Libya, and French special forces command post in the town Zuvaytina 150 km south-west of Benghazi.

The entire internal telephone, radio and other communications on Libyan territory is „under the hood“ electronic intelligence U.S. and UK. Overall management of these actions are performed with the U.S. base in Crete.

On Saturday night, August 21, NATO aircraft bombed 46 times groups Tripoli. British used, in particular, managed satellite heavy bombs „Peyvuey-4.“ Loss of the Libyan army from these bombings were so significant that at the time of the assault the enemy had numerical superiority in manpower. Those least by the Libyan people’s militia soldiers and officers for a few days have provided serious resistance. And thousands of Libyan patriots died a heroic death in the street fighting, were captured and seriously wounded were shot or tortured by mercenaries of Al Qaeda and NATO.

„NATO has played a huge role in establishing control over Tripoli,“ – said after the leaders of the rebels.

About Heroes Libyan Resistance and their exploits after winning story tells of Libyan Patriots Alliance invaders and traitors.

But the rebels and traitors to tell nothing, but in their hands all the media Libya. But on the Internet they hung so scary video that exposed themselves and wash away and never off the mark:

criminals against humanity.


Instead of an epilogue

The Battle for Tripoli is not over on August 27, or a month or six months, or up to date. After the tragic events of October 2011, when the last two fortresses fell Jamahiriya town of Bani Walid and Sirte, Libyan patriots started the Libyan Green Resistance to liberate their country from foreign invaders and their lackeys, traitors.

Many of the „fifth column“, criminals, the conscience which ruined thousands of patriots have paid with their lives.

A month ago the green Resistance killed also the general, the leader of «the fifth column» which «opened the gates» of Tripoli. He was responsible for defense of the city and do everything for its disorganization.

Early morning August 19, 2012 Libyan patriots again revealed themselves by blowing up in the center of Tripoli, two car bombs: the first shot to the air around the building of the Ministry of Interior. The second explosion occurred near the police



The Struggle for Freedom for the People’s Socialist Jamahiriya continues ….

Eugene Larin