#Libya – Military build up of foreign Occupation Troops for Ops in #Africa – #AU #NTC #Syria #Azawad #Mali #Niger #Uganda

translation from arabic by Konstanty Sheglikov

Libyan sources told The military exercises were in secrecy in Libya, have been seen by the workers oil companies Jamahiriya and some nomads, where the four European countries allocate about 2000 element of its own forces to take part in the exercises in the framework of the project military for rapid intervention in the Sahel, through the special forces being prepared several months ago, and aims to eliminate the leaders of al Qaeda and the Tawhid and Jihad, or interfere with the release of hostages in the region.

And involved 800 soldiers from the Special Forces French, British, Italian and Spanish
In a combat exercise was carried out in different areas Balharog In Hamada divine, central and south-eastern Libya, the theme simulate the intervention process and airdrops in the Sahel region .. And participated in training exercises drones and attack helicopters and carts transported to an airstrip near the city of Libyan Zewela.


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