#Libya – Message of page The Great #Werfalla, one of official pages of #BaniWalid in Facebook

Message of page “Great Werfalla”, one of official pages of Bani Walid in Facebook
3rd November 2012

Peace to all of You.

First, honour to all our faithful martyrs who fell meanwhile defending Bani Walid and we ask God that they may rest in peace.

We apologize to all members of Great Werfalla page (Facebook) for the long absence and assure You that admin в„– 1 and admin в„– 3 are fine, that their condition is better now – they are receiving treatment.

Bani Walid had not fall on knees and will not fall on knees, except to God. Even if we lose this battle, we will not lose the war!
We do not consider defeat!
We will rearrange our ranks and our papers again as we have done previously. Further, we will not rely anymore on those tribes who let us down and who enjoyed to stand by and watch how our children got slaughtered. The government who killed our children will not represent us … It is now a tribal war – just as they wanted – we will announce this soon.
Bani Walid will not die and it will stay steadfast as a fortress and a stronghold, despite the dark forces attempting to invade us. Do not think that we will leave our city in the hands of animal gangs.
The admins of the page send to You all greetings and promise You that the page will soon be active as before, God willing.

Long live Bani Walid and great Werfalla’s tribe, with it’s honest people.

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