#Libya: About the antipatriotic chracter of the #Feb17 „Revolutionaries“

by Konstantyn Sheglikov


So called revolution in Libya was made by local gangs and corrupt officials, which received all kinds of support from West countries and Gulf pupets regimes.
Also this revolution supported rich people from Libya which wanted to receive capitalistic freedom of deception and get richer while impoverishing most Libyans.
Part of so called intellegent people and imams who worship the West and hate thei

r country, who use religion as a shield to legitimize their evil desires and crimes.
And other people who wanted to receive freedom for own moral decay, desire to bring pain and suffering to someone , freedom to commit any crime, freedom of impunity.

These are what brought the fascist regimes of the West to the occupied countries. Now they bring it in Syria.
Occupation regime of Libya brought to Libya drugs and alcohol, it appeared even in schools.
The same Islamists use alcohol and drugs, Islam only a smokescreen for them, they are the same „Muslims“ as their teachers – U.S. and British guards of Iraqi and Afghan concentration camps. If You examine the evidences on methods of torture and violence against Iraqis and Afghans and methods of torture and violence against Libyans, the analogy is clearly visible, the technique is same.
High quality Libyan oil sells for 20 – 25 dollars per barrels.Its illegal to buy fake companies registered in offshore zones, original owners of these companies are large corporations or individuals as Rothschild or Soros. Then the oil is sold at market prices, bringing 300% – 400% of the profits. Libyan oil is light, does not contain a large number of impurities and does not require expensive treatment, so it is more expensive than the average market price.
Noone from these foolish whom You can see in this photo, don’t care about it. Seems their parents receive own part of profit from plunder of Libya.
What is happening in Libya, what personifies this photo, you can call the feast during the plague. Some of these same children and their parents participated in the torture and rape of Libyans, they are now celebrating their impunity.

Also photo shown that such people as gays, prostitutes (very seldom thing in Libya),tranny or hermaphroditic supported this occupation and contagion. They can now impose its vision of the other, all kinds of perversions are now welcomed and supported by the occupation regime of Libya. Because their goal is the destruction of a healthy society of Libya and its transformation into a herd in which everyone only cares about satisfying of own desires and hates those who prevent them from doing. Regime could to manage such a herd on the principle of „divide and conquer“ much simpler.

————————– ————————– ——————-
About photo – girl who posted this wrote that first 3 girls she know well as sluts and 17th february’s prostitutes, i agree with her in this. Also this number 4 which have same clothes as girls, she not sure what is this. I can say it is good illustration of who are supporters of this „revolution“ and illustration of „revolution“ itself.
Illustration of transformation the normal country into an ugly copy of countries which occupied it.

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