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Libya, the message to the media: On the statement of the leader of Al Qaeda in Misrat

Libya, the message to the media: On the statement of the leader of Al Qaeda in Misrata

Misurata, Libya
Here is the statement made by a chief of the Al-Qaeda Office in Misurata that evidentially reveal its direct link to the West.
The same owners from the West and their allies manage the occupation regime of Libya i.e. puppets of NATO, Al-Qaeda and armed gangs of rats from Misrata and from other cities.

Today they jointly occupy Libya. They continue to suppress the People’s Resistance, rob, and kill the inhabitants of the cities. They are going to continue tРѕ do it until the people of Libya will not resist to their dictatorship of the occupiers.

This had already happened in the history of Libya during the Nazi occupation. At that time, there also were those among the population who were happy to see the occupation forces and helped them.

This statement of the chief leader of the Al-Qaeda group in the city of Misurata is one more proof of the well-known fact that all so-called В«revolutionariesВ» get their moral and financial support from one and the same the same headquarters from which the commands to kill people come out.

However, they cannot already hide the fact that the U.S.A and NATO do not fight against al-Qaeda, because the bandit organization kills as anyone see, only the enemies of the U.S A. and NATO. Their activity is a pretext for the invasion and occupation of any independent country (including Libya).

The leaders of al-Qaeda openly declare to planning war crimes in Libya and conducting genocide of different tribes.

West and its allies destroyed the prosperous socialist state by hands of gangs and continue to wreak havoc and fear in Libya. Now they make from Misrata another center of power in order to force Libyan to divide own state and to defend themselves against them this way.

As for the message, they did not from the city of Bani Walid their „Emirate“, is nothing more than their lies, but they are going to do it.

They tried to destroy, plunder all, and take to Misurata. Their task they have got from their masters is very simple: it is to destroy modern industrial objects in the cities that they cannot control. They are willing to push to ignorant mode of life those independent tribes which were successfully developing during the the last century.

They state that the destroyed «nest of depravity, unbelief, and immorality», but their behavior and crimes they committing are well known for thousand of people all over the world. Obeying and learning from their masters from the West, they follow their lifestyle – it their manners are rude, they drink alcohol and use drugs, they use prostitutes for pleasures of the flesh and rape defenseless girls and women. It is repeating in all countries where the criminals of al-Qaeda and other international gangs appear on the bayonets of NATO.

The occupation regime in the name of Al-Qaeda is terrorizing all Libyans, who spread the truth about what is happening in this country. The criminal gangs travel freely in such countries as Egypt and Tunisia.

In these countries, there are the largest numbers of refugees from Libya. They are all are victims of the occupation.

The most active disseminators of facts about Libya abducted or killed even at the hospitals in these countries. The most horrible and widespread everyday crime is to rape members of the family in front of the rest of their relatives.

The Libyans tried to appeal to the Human Rights organizations of the West, which is dangerous and in major cases is useless. The leaders of the gangs have good contacts to human rights activists quickly learned about the attempts and people who risk going there.

The truth is as follows: Western organizations legitimize capture a country, and after that, they cover the routes of exposure of the truth in the war-torn occupied countries.

Read the message and make your own conclusions:

Urgent and Very Serious:

Khaled al-Sharif [leader of Al-Qaeda in Misrata] in his interview past today (21.11.2012) to Misurata TV channel said literally:

“We have successfully liberated Bani Walid of the infidels and lechery and deployed the army of Allah. I had the honor and dignity to have been the leader of one of the forces on the fronts of Bani Walid, which is now an Islamic emirate.
We, the National Guard are currently clearing Tripoli from the people of Werfalla in order to become a safer and more stable city.
Nowadays, and in cooperation with the honorable Sheikh Ghnewah al-kikli [sheikh of Al –Qaeda] implement a plan to clean Tripoli especially the districts of Abu Saleem and al-Hadba of the last remnants of this city.
I would say that some of the tribes that have deviated from the curricula of our revolution would be cleansed soon. We will crush anyone who thinks of disobeying the State [occupation regime] whether they were sheltered behind stolen weapons or trenches and mounds with which they surrounds their city. We will not retreat from crushing them.
Those who think of antagonizing Misurata think of antagonizing Libya. The cliques that now and then come out on the channels and sites to stultify our war [media war] on Bani Walid and show it as illegitimate.
We say to them: “Your blood is wasted, and Your tribes that protect You will soon be pounded from everywhere until they become under the obedience and loyalty [to occupation regime] and we have religious resolution from the Mufti [mufti of Al-Qaeda] to do that.”
You shirk from Your responsibilities towards the country by stultifying the Guardian’s decision to wage the war on Bani Walid and try to assault the mujahid al-Mangoush. You are ignorant and stupid and do not know what awaits you. Death is coming to You and You will only be like Bani Walid now.
You will go back to Your profession known to all Libyans, collecting food from the ground [non-mechanized agriculture, at the level of the last century, literally „pluck the food from trees“], to carry it to Your masters in Misurata and to all houses of Libyan rebels and honest people.
That is Your natural position…

May peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon You [his blessing to rats].”

In general, racism and ethnic and religious intolerance became characteristic features of all West-made terrorist organizations and puppets regimes. This is the real attitude to the rest of the world. To all of us.

Another criminal of occupation regime of Libya was shot.

Another criminal of occupation regime of Libya was shot.
He could take revenge, as from relatives of the victims or from fighters of Resistance.

The people of Libya remember who really committed warcrimes against their country and civilians and forced to exercise their judgment, making use of their right to defend ithemself, while all human rights organizations have deliberately turned a blind eye to the crimes of armed gangs that support the occupation fegime of Libya

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