#Libya news: continued killing for not supporting the occupation regime

By Lizzie Phelan

This is Zaira Boaishi, one of Gaddafi’s guards who was found in her flat yesterd
ay, dead from having been stabbed in the heart. The rebels tried to claim that she was killed by her family and that she defected to them when the crisis began. But Gaddafi supporters insist this is a lie and have shown pictures of her participating in recent demonstrations amongst „Green“ Libyans in Cairo.

Zaira is reported to be one of the many former female guards who in „free“ Libya have suffered a fate of rape, torture, arbitrary detention, disappearance and murder.

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Occupation regime of Libya in conspiracy with another countries of Middle East there are refuges from Libya pursues and kills or kidnapped to concetration camps libyan activists who trying to show truth about reality in Libya.

Armed gangs using all types of brutally exetutions, tortures, rapes. We have reports about rapes and humiliations of daughters in front of their fathers, rapes and tortures of sister in front of brothers, brothers in front of sisters, etc, etc.

HRW, Amnesty and others funds are source of information about people who come to them in order to find help and defence.

Western govs are responsible for these crimes, because chaos in Libya and fear among people who try to resist are their goal. They supports gangs by weapons and instructors, methods of public executions, tortures, rapes and humiliations were bring from West. Western warmongers taked Nazi methods and upgrade them, in Guantanamo, Abu Greib and others prisons they improved methods of physical and psychological impact on people. It is very well known that the naked man or woman, and especially people who have been sexually abused and humiliated, least able to resist. Unclothed person feels helpless as a child and he/she would rather submit to enemies and will do what they will say. This inhuman use of human fear practicing in intelligence agencies from Western countries, they are taught members of Al-Qaeda these methods. In every country which are occupate by NATO forces or there are puppets of West as gov, rapes and sexual humiliations are weapons against civilian who are resist occupation.

Very likely it is that the woman was raped, because it is a common practice of armed gangs from Libya. From Libya coming reports about bodies found in abandoned farm, in reports no words about were they raped or not, ut without such confirmations it is obvious what doing gang members under the influence of alcohol and drugs with stolen girls and women. In Muslim society rapes is a close theme, members of armed gang filming the rapes and this way forcing victims or their relatives to keep silence.

Brutally tortures and executions continue too, armed gangs who became army and police of regime, could to committe any crime without responsibility.
Western countries, which led to power in Libya ordinary criminals and corrupt officials, are responsible for it.

Interview : Bashar al-Assad unzensiert! (komplett auf Deutsch)


Das Interview von Russia Today mit Bashar al-Assad vom 9.11.2012 übersetzt durch Thomas Schöpke, dafür vielen Dank. Assad spricht über die Instabilität in Syrien, sein verbleiben an der Macht und wie der Westen sich seine Feindbilder erschafft und erhält. Aus dem Westen gesteuerter Terrorismus zur Destabilisierung Syriens, gehört auch zu den Themen. Lesen Sie selbst, was Assad zu sagen hat. Danke an Thomas für die Arbeit und die Zusendung. In unseren Medien werden leider nur Teile und diese auch häufig falsch zitiert.


>>zum Interview

#BaniWalid, #Libya #Oct31 2012 – #GreenLibya #Jamahiriya #Warfalla #NTC #TNC #NATO #FreeLibya

October 31, 2012
Bani Walid, Libya
Message for Media

The city is still unsettled, the men of the tribe Werfalla clean the city from armed gangs „brigade on May 28.“

Around Bani Walid still have roadblocks, militants based there shooting at people who are trying to return to the city. Therefore, those who want to get into the city, find workarounds, and people are beginning to return. Families who have returned to Bani Walid, make lists of exploded and burned houses.

Militant bands of mercenaries that were in the city, tried to destroy and rob not only houses, but also shops, businesses. At the moment it is known that well-known wool factory was burned, by bandites of „army of Libya“

The so-called Defense Minister of Libya (already former) Osama al-Juvali said yesterday about the situation in Bani Walid: „… The city is deserted, except for a small number of people who eke out a miserable existence …“. Apparently, he was satisfied with the methods by which he fulfilled the task of weakening the tribe Werfalla.
Now, the tribe will take time to recover and to restore the capital. But the occupation regime is planning to continue to push the tribes resisting gangs.

It is learned that into the city of Bani Walid are going to come the UN representatives and possibly other officials from different international organizations.
People suggest that their task would be possible to lie that the destructions in the city are small, that „independent and credible“ evidence of the massive use of „army of Libya“ the banned weapons were never found. And that war crimes committed by the occupation regime against tribe Werfalla is such a „complicated way to build democracy after authoritarian rule.“
They simply want us to forget about Libya and political and economic sucСЃРµs of Gaddafi’s direct democracy, forcing them convenient labels and stereotypes. They want us to forget that Libya was a state for people, and Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of the people, and never held any other position. „