The reality of “ #newLibya ”: „Rats are leaving the sinking ship“ … #Libya #GreenLibya #Gaddafi #NTC #FreeLibya

Even well-known rats could be kidnapped and they leave the country.

by Konstantyn Sheglikov (Green Committees Russia)

The so-called revolution in Libya was nothing else than war and invasion by the West, the goal of this war and the occupation of Libya was the total control of the resources in Libya The West also destroyed an example of a successful socialist state in Africa and the Arab world. Libya could unite Africa and lead the continent on the path to freedom from the western colonization.

The West found greedy and stupid people inside and outside of Libya, there are people like that in any non-Western country, they hate their homeland and their own people. They serve the West, because they want to have the same freedom as their chiefs to commit crimes, even war crimes, and want to remain unpunished as well as the members of the Western regimes.
With the help of international foundations like HRW or Amnesty and others were found local gangs, they were armed and received from the hands of Western officials the freedom to terrorize civilians in Libya. These gangs continue terrorizing civilians in Libya, they are allowed to kill people for money, to rape, torture, kidnap and loot.
The occupation regime of Libya and the countries that have occupied Libya have an interest that this chaos continues, because except natural resources the western regimes make „resources“ of the citizens of the occupied country.
They restored slavery and Nazi methods against people. All people who have been kidnapped by gangs from the beginning of this „revolution“ would have been sold by the gangs for organs. Girls, women as well as very small children were sent to Europeans or Gulf-States prostitute networks or to the camps of the NATO occupiers of Libya.
Western regimes care about resourses of any occupied country, in the words of one British official of the 19th century after the British seized the oil fields in the Caucasus: “ …let the natives kill each other, it is important for us that the oil fields and the roads to them were under our control“.
Gangs which were called „freedom fighters“ by global media didn’t stop with their criminal „work“, and they kidnap not only refuges or poor people.
They kidnap rich Libyans too, a big part of them are rats, greedy people, now they are fleeing from Libya as Magdulien Abaida who had worked before and during the invasion against her own Homeland. She was kidnapped from some conference in Bengazy by “Islamist gang”, but later she was released because she had the support of Amnesty and HRW. Residents from Libya reported that: “she was released after the intervention of Raphael Luzon who is a Mossad officer in the Libyan jewish entity. ”, try to imagine she was released from “Islamists gang” by claim of officer from Mossad).
She was kicked, but compared to many months of torture and humiliation, that tens of thousands of Libyans are suffering because of lies people like her, her own pain is nothing. Criminal who kicked her, was right then called her “whore and bitch”, because she sold own country to greedy corporations. Unfortunately she was not raped as more than 8 000 libyan girls and women – victims of international gangs, local gangs and NATO troops (this information was got from local Human right activist Seham Sergewa, from interview of girl which escaped from prison of Libyan regime and many others sources) , she deserved more for her treachery. She have money and support from the UK, but what about the other Libyan girls and women who can not escape from the chaos, the horrors of torture and rape?
Look to her face, she one of small number of Libyan who sentenced own country to occupation and destruction, who sentenced own people to slaverity. Libya under chaos and lawlessness, corporations buy Libyan oil at a price of $ 25 a barrel, and earn 300 – 400% of the profits. It is the purpose of the human rights defenders such as she and her bosses from Amnesia International and Nato Rights Watch. She is smiling, she in safe… she did her work against Homeland and received money.


( photo 1)

Article about her cost nothing, Western media use old trick, they gived a little part of truth then country which West sentenced to loot already looted. They going to lie about Syria and Iran and want to return influence.
Everyday, number of victims of pro-West puppet regime increases only, people of Libya have right to release own country from this regime and recover Jamahiriya, recover own state for people with direct democracy.

This person on the next photo is a rat, his name is professor Abdulhamid Altubuly, he was one of the first from Tripoli who gave an interview in support of this fake revolution. He was kidnapped in front of his family. I don’t care about him. His fate is an example of what is happening in Libya.


( photo 2)

I’m sure that this chaos and lawlessness was created by the West because they wanted to have a reason to conquer Libya as UN peacekeepers.
Or the situation could be compared with that in Somalia, chaos and NATO bases on the territory of Libya. In the coastal waters of Libya immediately after the bombing were fishing boats from Western companies under the flag of various small states, which are engaged in illegal fishing.
From the beginning of the war on the shores of Libya was dumped European garbage.
This is the Western freedom and democracy, which has occupied the territory of Libya. This is the reality of the new Libya, chaos and lawlessness supported by the West after dozens of years of successful development, and peaceful life in the Jamahiriya government for the masses.

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