Declaration of one group of the #Green (Popular) Resistance in southern #Libya – #GreenLibya #NTC #FreeLibya #Gaddafi

Translation by Konstantin Sheglikov


The group „Green Lightning“ declares that:

„Any armed group claims that they support the occupation regime, or „revolution,“ or they do not belong to the forces of Gaddafi, will be a legitimate target for a group Green Lightning“.

All of these operations will be carried out in the south of Libya.“


We will expect that more and more Libyans going to join that struggle because current regime continues to terrorize population and rob country. In 2011 Libyan Jamahiriya was denied to defend its people from criminal activities od the local and international gangs. We haven’t any doubts that occupation regime will try to cease and overpower the Resistance under pretext of „defending“ Libya. Now occupation regime closing the country-borders (Egypt and Tunisia are exeptions) because of „struglle against drugtrafficking and weapons saling“. But it must be stressed that main trafficks of weapon and drugs are via Tunisia and Egyptian borders.


The theme of Anti-Islamist and Anti-Al-Quaeda struggle also is exploited as the Idea the regime and a Quaida weren’t the same entity (2) while it was a Sheikh of al Quaeda who declared to protect the „revolution“. In addition, the Al-Qaeda Sheikh stated that al-Qaeda doess not waging jihad against countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel. (1)
Their subordination to U.S. allies in the region and involvement in NATO’s war against Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, on the invaders side become increasingly clear. Persons who tries to implement the idea that pro-Western puppet regimes struggle against Islamists (Al-Qaeda) clearly lies to us. (3)

Libya continues to struggle against the occupation regime and criminal gangs and „revolutionaries“, while many of the rats now are „disillusioned with the revolution“. But they are afraid to talk about it to avoid being kidnapped, tortured and abused. Many are afraid to walk the streets alone and being robbed or kidnapped by gangs wearing police or army uniform. This is a natural development of the situation in the country, which was seized by gangs who have received protection and support from the West and now can take the right to commit any crime against the population.

The West is interested in instability and chaos in the country, which could become a driving force for the liberation of Africa from colonial rule of the Western regimes.


Footnotes (added by Translator):

(1) Libya, the message to the media: On the statement of the leader of Al Qaeda in Misrata…

(2) Documents: Al-Qaida wielding power in Libya…

(3) Real relation between US and Islamist terrorists (Al-Qaeda).…

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