#RealSyria – #Tunisia Jihadi #FSA Fighter returning from #Syria acc. Rats of comm. #warcrimes – #SNC #FreeSyria

Tunisian fought w/ FSA 4 a month. He was handled by dealers in Tunisia & Turkey who delivered him 2 #Syria While in #Syria, he discovered some ugly and despicable practices being practiced by the #FSA e.g. > 124 Libyans & Tunisians were killed and burned in the #Homs operation so that to accuse the #Syria|n Arab Army Also, if you’re an Arab fighting in #Syria and you get wounded, you die. Arabs don’t get treated in the field hospitals „Those who go to wage jihad in #Syria are the poor and the wretched and those with no future and no hope in life“ thx for explanation of video to @sate3

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