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In motion „for Gaddafi and his people“ or „Community of Gaddafi“, as in any voluntary movement may appear the people who use it for personal purposes. It so happened that the people whom we believed wholeheartedly support Libya and Syria in the future and in the fight against NATO, was a group of two-faced characters. Their goal was to make money through the use of movement and the movement to organize in their own country the same scenario as we see in Libya and that’s possible in Syria.
The first charge against them is a souvenir shop with the subject of Libya, which are paid for with public funds collected. The motion was voluntary, mutual trust, activists from Moscow raised funds on behalf of all of us. Vanguard AKM (Valadar Koganitsky, Valadar AKM) has opened a personal account to which the collected material aid movement, this account became our foundation, it reports on income and expenditure of funds in the reports and no one has tested it, hoping for the honesty and integrity of the person who acted the red and green flags. Part of the gift, which he bought from the fund was distributed for free or for a nominal fee. Part resell it Valadar reports did not reflect all expensed. Apparently Grinchuk group decided that it is entitled to do so, and began to sell in order to generate revenue.

When in the spring of this year, it became clear that Valadar and others of their companies trade at rallies in Moscow, he stopped and began to hide place ads directly on our pages

At what price he would take the book is unknown, but he took the wheels of 300 rubles and he brought from Ufa to personally hand, he sells them for 500 rubles, another similar ad he was selling them for 300 rubles, „cost“. But, nevertheless, he wrote off the money to buy CDs from the Community Foundation, as the costs so that’s the psychology of the man, nothing personal, just business. One more feature to the nature of the representative psevdolevyh movement – an attempt to buy the Radio World Editor Jamahiriya Demi Mukhtar (Valadar offered him pay for hosting, but instead wanted to advertise their site for Kaddafi.org). If such people are so-called left-wing movements, then it becomes clear why they go to rallies belolentochnyh. They also like the liberals believe that all are bought and sold, that the end justifies the means, and so on in Libya, there are still a rat sure what that they used NATO, they are proud of „freedom had come to their country,“ and the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime which, of course, was neligitemen in their eyes.
Perhaps this (use of movement as a business project) started in the summer or autumn of last year, at least, when the fall came at the expense of Volodar 250,000 rubles, which is completely demolished their roof, they realized that this movement can become a source of income for them. Spring 2012 Valadar denied having received this amount of money in his usual manner, without using lies directly (I still trust him, when he wrote and tried to make peace between him and the guys with Radio).

General school Chirikova, held Valadar is astonishing. This style of lies to make it harder to catch on to it, is used by all liberals, he writes, „I have not received 250,000 rubles,“ he was playing hurt maligned man.
Here is evidence of 250 thousand rubles to the personal account Volodar is Volodar own words in this correspondence, it is as always „offended“ because someone found the secret to know that others do not.

In general, the source of such payment of interest when we are working with NGO „Veche“ with the support of other community organizations during the spring – summer 2011 raised funds to send food and medicines to Libya were collected only about 20 thousand rubles (more can be learned from Vladimir Orlov of IPA „Veche“).
250 thousand as a donation to the personal account of one man do not come, it’s either pay for their actions or prepayment of actions that have to be perfect. Most likely the latter, because Valadar and others from the company Grinchuk later participated in belolentochnyh actions on behalf of the Movement „For Gaddafi and his people.“ Valadar agitirovaniem explained it in favor of the Movement, in fact, they participated in the demonstrations and on its behalf, they sold all the movement, as if we all support the Russian rats.
This photo may well illustrate this, as it may happen.

They persuaded Elena Gromov advertise and links to online resources psevdolevye for Gaddafi. py, promising big money, she refused, it was one of the reasons why a new website clone for Gaddafi. org, his appearance analyze below.

Cover their core group, group „For Gaddafi Shares“ which depicts a caravan of goods, best reflects the essence huckstering these people. (The picture they replaced, but the caravan on the new picture left).

They trade attributes of Libya, leaving a portion of the proceeds, apparently they feel that way to make it right.

In any such collective behavior is called krysyachnichestvo.

Next you need to make it out the political preferences of the people, they have positioned themselves as the Movement for Gaddafi, who are in opposition to the current government in Russia. But in fact they are members of many organizations that are actively involved in belolentochnom movement in Russia and set himself the task of creating chaos and civil war. Valadar Kogarnitsky was a member of the movement defenders of the Khimki forest. He still respects and protects Chirikov (fall 2011, he said on behalf of a post-copy Twitty Chirikova that Syria is not interested and so he blamed the lies of those who posted tweets Chirikova to collect money for the fighters against the Assad regime)

Additionally Koganitsky a member IGPR „call“ but membership Vanguard of Red Youth course. Alex is also a member Grinchuk IGPR „call“

To see the dual membership of these people in this video, you need to click «show annotations». Joining in, they provide membership in the movement of certain Dmitry Sergeyev „call“

Such is the transaction took place between them. It is likely that part of the Company entered Grinchuk belolentochnyh members of other organizations.
IGPR „The Call“, which positions itself as a left-wing movement, opposed to capitalism, NATO, etc., however, wrote a letter to the PACE office to punish the Putin regime and oppose totalitarianism in Europe. In the same letter as an example of the correct actions are against Belarus in Europe to ban the entry of officials of Belarus. I would remind you that Belarus is the only country that has kept the socialist type of state. But for the „call“ – is a totalitarian state, and consequently the dictator Lukashenko, just an amazing coincidence with the opinion of Europe.
And here’s an amazing self-exposure „call“, read the headline of the article on their website

Mubarak unlikely to give the order to the execution of demonstrators, but the West and its puppets to put the blame on him. „Call“, as well as a puppet of the West in Egypt, apparently regretted that Mubarak received only life. Life sentence was changed to hanging, favorite pastime of the Western countries, the „call“ and other psevdolevye movements can be satisfied.

Another member of the company Grinchuk, Basil Sumatra (El-Vassa) is a fan of Limonov

People calling themselves kaddafistami, on his website post links to psevdolevye rat movement. Here are links to the activists of these movements and their actions that they support and take part in them.
Links to the site

If you open the link, you get on a typical blog belolentochny

The second link

If you open it, it leads to the one page on Facebook

This page is collecting signatures for a letter to PACE requesting fight against totalitarianism in Europe in the face of Putin and Lukashenko.

Prosecutor General Chaika portrayed everywhere in sight sniper rifle. It is unlikely that this picture was conceived in the CALL or other local organizations, is coming up with their curators from abroad.
Generally kill the heads of law enforcement agencies of the country is the card color revolutions under the patronage of the United States. In Ukraine, after the „victory“ of Orange in 2004, with two shots to the head, was killed Interior Minister Kravchenko, investigators under the pressure of new „democratic“ government closed the case as a suicide.
Below is and will rat sites, one of them also made a collection of signatures for a letter to PACE.

It leads to this site, you can read that same letter to PACE.
In a letter to select a row, where they believe that Belarus – the only country of the former Soviet Union kept the socialist system, a totalitarian state.

Here is the publication of this letter on Orhei

This icon opens the site Vanguard of Red Youth, belolentochnogo party movement.

This icon opens the site of the Left Front

The site for Gaddafi org very often as a source of information used by the newspaper of the occupation regime of Libya – „Libya Herald“, interspersed with articles from other sources, the opposition Libyan regime. Their website is in the interest of the two sides at once.
It looks like this sometimes:

The site for Gadhafi. org is a clone of the site for Gadhafi. py, and was created by an ordinary theft carried out the technical administrator of the site. py Arkady Petrov (Arcadius Radius). People who persuaded him to do so, including Grinchuk were themselves moderators. Pv. They had the opportunity to clean the site of the trolls and post news, but they did not, waiting the moment when the site was impossible for kaddafi.ru read. After that, they announced the creation of a new website „…. org“, which promised to make the site of breaking news, the entire database, including users, has been copied. Each user of the site for Gadhafi. py received a letter about it.
In fact, the following happened: the fall of 2011 around October 250 000 rubles to the account Koganitskogo did, after a while, and Grinchuk Koganitskomu told how the money should work and how to make more. (In fact a real conversation known only to them). They tried to persuade Elena Gromov advertise online for Gaddafi py belolentochnye and links to sites that now is on Orhei. She refused and the site for Gaddafi Goodies orgy trolls, life ceased to be a source of news. March 1, 2011 they created. Org – website for a complete copy kaddafi.ru. Arkady Petrov copied the site database. Py and even tried to derail it, that the site was not able to function normally, the site of Gaddafi. py had to quickly revive. About this story, said Nikolai Sologubovsky.
These are unscrupulous people themselves as socialists and followers of Gaddafi.

Links to groups and pages in FB and the sites currently known, in which the rats are the admins:

For Gaddafi Stocks (For Gaddafi Actions)


People’s Committee of the Socialist Jamahiriya


Clone group „For Gaddafi and his people, for the people of Gadafi and negov For Gaddafi and his people“

For Jamahiriya Socialism and direct democracy




Names of rats:
Grinchuk Alex – director
Valadar Koganitsky – cashier
„Arkady Petrov», (Arcadius Radius) – Technical Admin
Vasily Sumatra
Oraz Luckmann
Dmitry Zavarzin

Grinchuk Alex, who tries to sit on all the chairs and please move as „Essence of Time“ and IGPR „call“, who declared himself multidirectional, like in the „Actions …“ post quotes from the Green Paper. Apparently he considers himself a guru in this matter. However, he declared himself the head of the Community for Gaddafi and his people. The fact is that in our community there is no leader and there is no need, there are only facilitators. The fact that he built himself in the leaders said that he understood nothing of the Green Book. He himself could declare anyone, is his own business, he still remains a rat seeking to please everyone at once.

We are not to fight against the lies of the global media in Libya, Syria, against the so-called revolutionaries to allow belolentochnym rats to arrange such an orgy in our countries.
We oppose government policies in our countries, which is contrary to the interests of their peoples, and support policies that the interests of the peoples and contributes to the revival of. But we do not solidarity with belolentochnym movement to, have a chaos in our countries.
In Libya and Syria were arranged like „belolentochnye“ demonstration against the arbitrariness of local officials, but they very quickly turned into a „revolution.“ That was in Benghazi as the only unknown in arms started sending the crowd in the right direction, most of the Libyans left these „demonstration“.
Willfulness officials in Benghazi and creating unrest was orchestrated in advance from outside.

The same thing can happen in our countries and support such processes, covering the green flag of Libya or Syria dvuzvezdnym flag is hypocrisy and betrayal.

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