#Palestina – small mirror of our Earth, празднует 48 годовщину революции – #Intifada #Gaza #Resistance

by Kontantin Sheglikov (Green Committees Russia)

Today, 4 January 2012

Palestine’s Festival to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution.

Palestina is small mirror of our Earth, example that NGO want to make with whole world.
NGO want to destroy big part of world, they creating stereotypes about other nations as about savagers. In addition, after occupy troop’s tortured, raped, and killed people without mercy, because they are savagers, subhuman for them.
NGO will create walls around cities for rich and their servants, as Israel doing.
NGO will force nations to run from their land or serve to NGO if there be resources, or their lands is need for NGO by others reasons, as in Palestina now.
They created fake movements inside religions in order to broke this religions, especially well known salafism, which in fact haven’t any attention to real Islam. Salafists, especially Al-Qaeda raped, tortured, and killed people as occupants or either worse. It was in History already then troops of local gangs under protect and control of Nazi Germany terrorized own people. They too told about freedom from regime, but this freedom hade end in concentration camps and total slavery.
They created fake terrorist groups in order to justice wars against states, as Al-Qaeda, as Hamas, as armed gangs in Afghanistan, which global media calling Taliban.

Israel during dozens of years forcing Arabs leave own land, Israel is aggressor who killed people without mercy, they abuse and humiliate Arabs in prisons or streets, even in own homes.
Our grandfathers from USSR released Jews not for this, they didn’t expect that descendants of that Jews be commit same war crimes and make Holocaust for another nations.


Wish all best for Palestine and now
words of a girl from Palestine, Rana Alshami:

“Good Morning Palestine !! . Woooo Hooooo! Feeling full of energy this morning. more than million person in Al-saraya area … Gaza is full of yellow flags , the sky , the earth everything is yellow there . My people need to be united with all factions , need to be one hand and overcome all problems in order to get our liberation.
Gaza now is having the hugest festival in its history! over 70% of the Gazans are either in Al-Saraya area or in their way there to commemorate the 48th anneversary of the Palestinian Revolution.
Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday and a great weekend ahead. :)) Lx Yes Yes Yes !! Free Free Free palestine !
Greeting From the Heart of Gaza to all

## Rana Alshami”

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