Today: 48th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution.

Today, 4 January 2012

Palestine’s Festival to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution.

Words of a girl from Palestine, Rana Alshami:

Good Morning Palestine !! . Woooo Hooooo! Feeling full of energy this morning. more than million person in Al-saraya area … Gaza is full of yellow flags , the sky , the earth everything is yellow there . My people need to be united with all factions , need to be one hand and overcome all problems in order to get our liberation.
Gaza now is having the hugest festival in its history! over 70% of the Gazans are either in Al-Saraya area or in their way there to commemorate the 48th anneversary of the Palestinian Revolution.
Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday and a great weekend ahead. :)) Lx Yes Yes Yes !! Free Free Free palestine !

Greeting From the Heart of Gaza to all
## Rana Alshami

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