#Libya, actions of regime: money for #terror, not for recovering of country – #GreenLibya #NATO #GNC #Qatar #KSA #Gaddafi #Syria #Iraq

by Chris Sedlmair and Konstantin Sheglikov

Terror from the Sky, but no money for schools and healthcare.

Yesterday several fighter Jets of unknown origin terrorized the people of Bani Walid. The jets were approaching the city slowly and then over the city accelerated to supersonic speed. The constant breaking of the sound barrier was intended to terrorize the population. Bani Walid is a city of unbreakable patriotic spirit. The people of Bani Walid end of 2012 came under Attack of the rats regime for some constructed reasons. The Attackers suffered heavy losses and will never forget the lesson this town tought them. Finally the Defense Fighters had to retreat, to let the civillians go back to into town, who were trapped in the desert. Russia Today reported about, showing nonlibyan mercenaries and other medie reported about children, forced by the rats gangs to fight the heroic city of Bani Walid. The citizen rebuilt their town without any help. The City under Green Control became a example for organisation and reconstruction. The Garbage collection and other public services were fine all the time. Te civil life never collapsed as it did in most rats controlled cities.


Anyone who knows a bit about military budget knows how expensive it is to finance a training flight. Terrorizing the People with breaking the sound barrier is an expensive hobby for the rats and their Qatari Masters. Instead they should spend it for furniture for schools, where children are sitting on the floor. All of us know the good conditions of libyan educational system. It was often shown during fist year of conflict 2011 even by western manstream media. The Degeneration of civil life, education, health care and infrastructure under rats rule only pove that there are no longer libyans in power. the Govenrement is a bunch of puppets, the oil is occupied by the West, the criminal militias are controlled by the Gulf Monarchs, especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia. There is money for any kind of terror against the civil population in „New, democratic Libya“, but not for wages or public services and the economy crumbles, while 1.5 Million of 6 Million Libyans became Refugees after the 2011 overthrow of the jamahiriya by NATO and Gulfmonarchs that costed the lifes of 160,000 Libyans.

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