#Libya #GreenLibya – #News – unconfirmed – #NATO #GNC Occupation Regime behind killing of #Niger Ambassador to #Belgium

by Konstantin Sheglikov

NOTE: The Informations are based on Reports by Stephen Gules and could not be confirmed so far.

Niger’s ambassador to Brussels Belgium has been found dead with the wife, suffocation with carbon monoxide. Who else could be responsible?. Libyan rats/rebels and NATO. Rebels have been pressing Nigers ambassador in Belgium to convince or force it’s government to extradite all green resistance fighters in Niger, he so far has informed us on many occasions, he would never betray green Libya. Brussels is the head quarters of NATO, so Libyan rebels and NATO took turns in poisoning him and wife with carbon monoxide gas, popular poisonous gas choice by Libyan outlaw rebels. Now all our green agents and Libyan electronic army in Europe, need swing into action, find out the perpetrators and those responsible involved in planning, executing and implementing this plan, no person involved must be left alive.

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