The lie is the pseudo revolutionaries‘ weapon against the ppl of #Libya – #NATO #GNC #GreenLibya = #FreeLibya = #RealLibya

by Konstantyn Sheglikov

Published on 01-03-2013



On February 23, Libyan occupation regime’s central newspaper has published an article that in Bani Walid were caught В«Gaddafi terroristsВ» . Supposedly they were preparing homemade bombs to commit terrorist attacks in Bani-Walid and Tripoli. on February 21 as a result of the mistakes of the self-made bomb exploded, killing one and injuring two people, who amputated limbs. Occupation authorities are looking for the other members of the group in Tripoli, and two injured are taken under guard in Tripoli hospital.

The direct authors of this lie are: journalist Ashraf Abdel Wahab, the press-Secretary of the press-service of the local Council of Bani Walid Saad Mohamed Al-Daba, the head of the Military Council of the Bani Walid Fathi Zili, the military commander in Bani-Walid Hussein Khalifa. Bani Walid is being occupied by the militants of the puppet regime of Libya. The top of Bani Walid occupation administration serves to interests of the regime and will confirm any lie comfortable to them. Our source from Bani Walid says: «There was an shell explosion while disarming it at 21 February, three soldiers of the national army have died there. They have been sent by military governor of the occupation administration. The shell has exploded as a result of the mistakes. And there was a tragic accident: at the moment of explosion there were two local residents, father and daughter. The father was killed, the daughter was wounded, one of soldiers has been hurt seriously to hands, the other one was wounded to legs, the third one was injured easily. She and three other soldiers were sent at first to the Bani Walid hospital, where they were given first aid and was made amputation of injured limbs. Later, two soldiers of the National army with amputated limbs moved to a hospital in Tripoli, because the hospital in Bani Walid still wasn’t restored after bombardments at October 2012.»

Killed local resident was mentioned as a commander of terrorist cell. Any words weren’t saying about his wounded daughter. Two of three soldiers of regime that were damaged most of were scripted as members of group. That lie was spreading via Internet, posted on rat’s sites and quoted by regime’s media.

Qaddafi terrorists are needed to occupational administration to divert attention of population from regime` lacking, stupidity, and total theft.

On so-called official holidays 15th and 17th February on the streets were more foreigners than Libyans. Only members of bands, members of occupational administration, their families and people coming because of fear to be marked as disloyal and jailed. It was holiday of traitors and criminals. Because since the 17 February 2011 they have been committing crimes against humanity and have total amnesty from the regime.
There are about 20,000 person in jails as officially was saying. No charges were submitted against them. No charges, no court hearings… But they are tortured and abused in style of Abu-Greib and Guantanamo. Life and health of prisoners are subjects to be depended on the will and whims of bandits. Bandits are taking satisfaction while to torture and making violence towards people jailed as stated persons escaped from that hell. Have no strength to stand torture and abuse prisoners committing acts of suicide. Especially girls and women that were raped in prisons. Islam is strongly against suicide and only permanent tortures could lead Muslim to commit suicide.
We have received the following information:„…Crying, she told that one of prisoners hanged herself, she told that bandits beat other prisoner and jailers, raping them, said that we aren’t people for them, but animals.“ Executioners are torturing not only the body, but the soul too, forcing to make things, which are incompatible with Islam.
To see and understand, what they do in the Libyan prisoners, you must see footages of torture and abuse, committed by gangs from so-called Free Syrian Army and Police forces from Muslim brotherhood of Egypt.
In Libya, there are many brotherhood members among the gangs, they came to Libya from different Arab countries, also there are Al-Qaeda members. They have been trained in Iraq and Afghanistan, in NATO concentration camps, they have been trained to torture and humiliation of Muslims.
These criminals, who are so-called revolutionaries, are dressed like policemen and militaries of occupation regime. They rob and kidnap civilians, rape and torture them, and then leave the mutilated bodies near their houses. The same thing do gangs, who didn’t join the police and regime army.
The occupation of Libya by NATO and its allies, reminds the occupation of Libya by fascist Italy and Germany.
NATO fascists` organization more willing to use mercenaries than solders. Kidnapping, tortures, raping, executions are parts of strategy to seed fear among country` population. And occupational regime had started it since the 17 February 2011.
Regime servants have possibility to take alcohol and drugs, rape and plunder. The are beyond any low and commit crimes with impunity. Taking part in revolution bring them impunity. And representatives of occupational regime are lying when saying they will fight against crimes. Representatives of international and local human right organizations say about single episodes to hide mass character and systematic of occupational regime` crimes against people of Libya.
Occupational regime needs fear and submission of majority. It needs enemies that could be blamed in crimes committed by regime itself. Libyan Jamahiriya the state founded on the principles of people` authority were destroyed. Occupational regime consisted of most corrupted representatives of former Jamahiriya and so-called opposition from citizens of USA and EU have no capability of doing anything. The only things they discuss on the sessions of their national congress is the level of their salaries and bonuses.
Sure they need enemies to sidetrack attention from their rat-government. Patriots that support Jamahiriya are their target. They continue to spread lie with what they had started occupation of Libya the lie about “Gaddafi mercenaries” and crimes of that mythical „mercenaries“…
Brainwashing of Libyans and foreign readers continues. Traitors which lied about „Gaddafi mercenaries“ continue their dirty business. Since the February of 2011 patriots of Libya did not attack infrastructure of country. Patriots liquidate regime criminals, give freedom to prisoners, attack military bases and store of foreign invaders. To call them „terrorists“ regime start to spread lie turning victims of demanding in Bani Walid including their own soldiers into some terrorist` group.
Few days ago, rats spread another lie. As if some guard brought cell phone to Abdalla Sanussi by Sanussi` request. Sanussi called and momentarily recipient and members of his family were arrested. Moreover, rats now searching other persons related to that call. It must be stated that lie mentioned is similar to lie about Gaddafi mercenaries. Occupants to extort confession can torture anybody in front of eyes of others. Even to boil humans alive.

We know that because of evidences those who did not stand torture and horrible death of their comrades and gave statements to western media that media demanded to hear. So we have to wait confessions of Libyans after tortures by regime. That confessions will be publish partly. Also spread by occupational press with the aim of further brainwashing ones and holding in fear others. While in Libya, there is this occupation regime, crime will only continue, the country will be poorer. A good example lies the so-called fighters of freedom and democracy in Libya, who really sold their country for the opportunity to take part in its robbery, is the fate of refugees. According to official information of regime in Libya 2, 17 million refugees are outside the country, and 60,000 refugees inside the country. Total population in Libya 6.3 million people, so 34% of the population are out their homes. The occupation regime is not going to help them to return, even though in 2011 they were lying, that concerned about the welfare of the people of Libya. For example, the government of Syria by leadership of Bashar al-Assad after clearing towns from terrorists and gangs, inviting refugees to return and assist them. If the NATO forces invade Syria, as in Libya, then the Syrian occupation regime will not return refugees from the camps. And in Syria, the same chaos will reign, as in Libya. Occupation regimes , encouraged by Bieldeberg club are the same everywhere, they lie about freedom in order to create later fascism. Therefore, the occupation regimes need enemies to which to dump their crimes, if they do not, they will be created through the media.

The city of Bani Walid, which has made safety in their streets, people just drove the gang of occupation regime out from city. In October 2012 was besieged and plundered by gangs of regime . There remain a large number of unexploded bombs and shells that occupation administration is in no hurry to remove. Occupational press can continue to turn the victims of unexploded ordnance to the terrorists.

The lie is the pseudo revolutionaries‘ weapon against the people of Libya|

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