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Breaking News, Tripoli, Libya, the head of the occupation regime came under fire


March 6 in Tripoli, Libya 

Breaking News 

Car of Mohammed Magrif, head of occupation regime of Libya came under fire. By reports, head of puppet’s regime saved by the fact that the car was well armored. Judging by the damage inflicted by a special armored vehicle, the attackers used heavy guns.


„God struck the oppressor“ – written by patriots of Libya on their pages


Breaking News, Tripoli, Libya, the head of the occupation regime came under fire|Greenkomitet.ru


Libya news 6-3-2013

Urgent. Tripoli now Tripoli residents come out and demand to activate the army and police solve the militias that kidnap, torture and kill without referring to the law

* * *

Now still clashes circle in Mizdah so far and is targeting homes citizens Balrajmat and deny the so-called intervention led by staff in solving the problem, but they said, „God willing Some Akmilo“ Most families have been displaced to the people, is teeming with now Balahale.

* * *

The problem of oil facility Mlita have intervened immediately because Italy threatened either you return gas or we bring ourselves to protect the facility

Libya news 6-3-2013|Greenkomitet.ru


Power struggle for the Mellita Oil Complex


1. Breaking news, Zuwara, Libya, gas and oil factory „Mellita“


Zintan gangs dominate in territory of oil and gas factory „Mellita“and gangs of zuwara runned out. Gas and oil factory „Mellita“ is one of biggest factory in Libya In this factory was strike, some rats page wrote about strike at 27th February, so you can read and understand how important is this factory and why gangs of regime fight for control under factory:

„For the fifth consecutive day continues closing pipeline crude oil 16-inch link between field meet and complex Mellita Industrial Corporation’s Mellita of oil and gas at station valves Home No. 02 downstream northeast of Nalut directly by a group belonging to the border guards of the Ministry of Defence for not receiving members Last salaries for the past two months, they said, knowing that this product line is moving Wafa field of crude oil and equivalent gas and condensate to Mellita industrial complex, what the resulting burn quantitative values and financial losses following:

  1. Crude oil: 13,500 barrels a day, financial value equivalent to $ 1,533,870 (one million five hundred and thirty-three thousand, eight hundred and seventy dollars).
  2. Capacitors: 10,000 barrels a day, financial value equivalent to $ 1,136,200 (one million two hundred and thirty-six thousand, two hundred dollars).
  3. gas equivalent: 14000 barrels per day, financial value equivalent to $ 1,590,680 (one million five hundred and ninety thousand, six hundred and eighty dollars). With a total value of $ 4260750 (four million and two hundred and sixty thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars). For a total financial loss for the past five days up to $ 21303750 (Twenty-one million, three hundred and three thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars).

As threatening as well close the gas line 32 inches, which moves the gas produced from the field to the same compound and in the case of failure to meet their demands by the state, noting that the amount of gas produced by this line is estimated at 13.5 million cubic meters of gas per day financial value equivalent to 46,629,000 $ (Forty-six million, six hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars) is used almost entirely to feed power plants in the Western Region and South West of our beloved country and the surplus is exported him to Italy.

Even in the case did not close the gas line 32 inches and continued closure of crude line 16 inches, the field will be forced to turn off some oil wells (oil), and that most reservoir are weak and therefore they would be threatened with death and that you will need a revived again and returned to work millions of dollars this that succeeded revival or recovery originally that based on previous experiences have failed revival of many wells, also will have the field to close the gas wells due to the lack of a place to store condensate associated with the gas after it became reservoirs filled surprise him stop production and export of gas through this line and will be in CSS rule and therefore will not reach the gas to power plants and there will be a shortage in the availability of cooking gas to the citizens and stop exporting to Mellita.

And so would be financial loss daily to the Libyan people as a result of this act and the intransigence of the party that they belong not to give them their salaries now because of not adopting the budget for this year after they said an amount of (50889750 $) fifty million, eight hundred and nine eighty thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.“

[[posterous-content:pid___1]]Photo of factory „Mellita“

Breaking news, Zuwara, Libya, gas and oil factory „Mellita“|Greenkomitet.ru


2. Situation in the factory Mellitah

 Last developments situation in the factory Mellitah Oil and gas today on 03.03.2013 and the situation is tragic and God: – And commissioned Libyan states:

1 / killed a young Libya and injuring others did not know how many to so far.

2 / staff from injury Mellitah Oil and Gas injured varying degrees of severity.

3 / Stop exporting gas link between Libya and Italy, which exports about 15 million cubic meters per day of Libyan gas to the European market worth approximately $ 7 million per day,

In addition to the penalty clause which would pay for Libya to the Italian partner because the export stopped.

4 / stop gas pipeline, which covers domestic use, which are used to generate electricity „station „harcha“ and station south of Tripoli for electricity“ and Stay tuned for blackouts in the next few hours to the west of Libya completely.

5/ A full stop each compound units including cracking unit, which produces about „1,500 cubic meters of Propane and 1400 cubic meters of butane 2000 cubic meters of oil“ on any day worth more than $ 4 million a day.

6 / contact foreign workers the embassies of their countries to tell how breakdown security conditions inside the compound and thus giving a grim picture of the security situation in the country.

7 / physical damage to facilities and buildings of the complex due to the clashes and after complete evacuation of the complex are expected sabotage and looting and theft „of course against unknown“!!

8 / psychological damage caused to staff employees of the company, both Libyan citizens or foreigners.

9 / burning process for oil and gas in the field to meet due to the closure of „Mellita“ complex, estimated at tens of millions per day

10 / Close marine platform that export gas to Italy and losses of tens of millions per day


Libya news: situation in the factory Mellitah|Greenkomitet.ru


Crimes of NATO’s GNC Ratvernment against the ppl of Libya


Libya news: Mansour Dow

In this photo Mansour Dow, a prisoner of conscience of the occupation regime of Libya, he was tortured, humiliated, beaten This is new photo of him, from October 20, 2011, he in the paws of rats, he suffered a lot, but his spirit not broken. Let God allow him to see the trial of the enemies of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Libya news: Mansour Dow|Greenkomitet.ru


Libya news: crime gangs


Torture of a Libyan citizen by gangs of rats/rebels and stealing his car and personal belongings.

Libya news: crime gangs|Greenkomitet.ru


Libya news: rat fights


Rat named Rwada Snowsi a leader one of gang of Zuwarah killed by Zintan gang near the oil and gas complex of company Mellita , near Zuwara, Libya.


Libya news: rat fights|Greenkomitet.ru



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