Puppets regime of #Libya make agreement w/ 14 countries abt occupation – #NATO #GNC #GreenLibya #FreeLibya


Government of occupied Libya agreeing to the presence of the forces belonging to 14 different nationalities in the country under the cover of the training, assistance and advices in security and safety.

A document which was approved by the so called Government of occupied Libya was exposed, which shows the agreement on the presence of forces from 14 foreign countries on Libyan territory on a temporary basis. Secret addition about long-term agreements is pending and is prepared for the period after the elections.

Under the Libyan approval, forces from the United States of America, France, Britain and Italy supported with the troops of 10 other NATO nationalities and the countries which are exporting mercenaries, such as Jordan, will receive full immunity . Under the agreement they will not be liable,under any circumstances, for the prosecution or to appear in front of the Libyan court.

(They can commit any crime against the Libyan and not be punished. And this despite the fact that residents from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia were detained and received long sentences for false denunciation, without any evidence.)

For those of you who do not remember, a historic leader and a martyr Muammar Gaddafi expelled all the US and British military bases from Libya during an Al-Fateh revolution. Untill then, Libya was occupied with the support of backward Libyan King Idriss (a western puppet).

In February 2011, some traitors called for a new occupation of Libya, destruction of the country and looting of libyan wealth. According to sources close to CIA agents (aka President of occupied Libyan territory) Rahim Keeb, his decision was made on the premises that Libyan people should allow „friendly countries“ to „protect“ Libyan oilfields.

It is supposed to be a largest presence of American occupational forces in history. Libyan traitors are saying that their presence is needed for „assistance, advice and training purposes“.

This document refutes Keeb’s claims against the presence of foreign forces in the country. Keeb’s ‚government signed a document with Italy about joint control of the Libyan border and protection of the oilfields. Source says that the presence of all foreign forces will be under the umbrella of training, councelling and assistance in the ‚protection‘ of borders and territorial integrity.

(In last year occupation regime of Libya paid to France 8 billions of US dollars for same protection.)

We want to remind that same NATO countries had commited henious crimes against humanity just months ago, by bombing homes and hospitals, killing thousands of Libyan civilians, including children and babies.

This news is old, became known in last year, but actual still, because situation in occupy Libya is same.


Puppet’s regime of Libya make agreement with 14 countries about occupation of Libya|Greenkomitet.ru

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