#Libya : #March18 – Breaking news from #BaniWalid – City under Siege – #GreenLibya = #FreeLibya = #RealLibya

Libya: siege of city by gangs of regime

We receive this message from our sources tonight:


Now the city of Beni Walid besieged from all directions, Armed gangs from Mohammed Maqrif Brigades and armed gangs of so called Chief of Staff of regime and armed gangs of city Misurata are preparing to attack the city Bani Walid. after 6 days of siege The situation is very difficult now in Bani Walid, food and everything fuel was prevented from entering to the Bani Walid. Hospitals of Bani Walid suffering from severe shortage of possibilities and medical supplies and equipment. I hope the world and honest world to stand with the children of Bani Walid, women and elders we suffer, living situation very, very tough.“

Also we receive this messsage:

„This evening more 100 military cars going out of Tripoli“

„In „Misrata“ and its channel that blackened her face Program was introduced by handing the story of the death of a member of the security services or gate „Om Rishrash“ .. While die is chasing one of the sons of „Bani Walid“ and administrative boundaries .Channel offered in this program that the murdered person is a warrior fighter who contributed to „kill“ Khamis Gaddafi when it passed of „Tarhunah“ after the fall of Tripoli in 2011.“

“ Some guys from Tarhona have stoped some one from Bani Walid before 4 days in some gate road ,,, but he did’t stoped because he has some money >>!! Then they run behind him and he did accented and die and his brothers and cousins killed 2 from Tarhona guys !!“

18 March Breaking news from Bani Walid , Libya: siege of city by gangs of regime|Greenkomitet.ru

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