8.04.2013 Occupation regime of #Libya going 2 send libyan hacker 2 #Israel prison. #NATO #GreenLibya #FreeLibya #Feb17 #GNC

8.04.2013 News from Tripoli, Libya

Members of the current occupation regime, who played the role of opposition before February 2011, who promised to fight for the rights of Libyans and build a successful state, were despised as ordinary pro-Western lackeys who only know how to lie and steal from their fellow citizens. They serve to NATO countries,to Qatar and Israel, but not to the people of Libya.


Message from Green Resistance: „The government of traitors has arrested a citizen of Tripoli named Moez Salem Alnaaje Altarhone. He is a hacker who was a part of the group which hacked accounts in Israel { ZIONIST CIRCLES } .In fact Moez at the age of 17, lives at Alhadba, Tripoli… He was transfered to Mitiga prison. Rats (occupation regime) captured him via Secret Intelligence Servise of Israel.“

6th April was attack of hackers to sites of Israel, at 7th April Israel send request to arrest and transfer citizen of Libya, which allegedly taked part in attack. Armed gangs of regime captured him in same day. This fact show close connection between occupation regime of Libyan Jamahiriya and Israel. In fact, occupation regime of Libyan Jamahiriya and Israel have close connection from February 2011: Israel sent doctors to cities Bengazy and Misrata. They took part in the murder of Africans and Libyans to retrieve organs from their bodies. This criminal „business is still going on in whole territory of occupied country and in refugees camps out of Libya. Mossad created armed gangs in Misrata city Israel secretly build military base in Green mountains ( east of Libya, between Bengazy and Derna).


map of area Click image for larger version.

video about secret agreement between current occupation regime in Libyan Jamahiriya and regime of Israel.

Israel sent police cars as help to occupation regime and that cars have color of flag of Israil even.


In city Misrata exist big Jews diaspora and citizen of Israel began to buy houses in that city These facts are hard to hide, they are well known in Libya. It seems that Israel has a secret agreement with the Libyan occupation regime – which allows Israel to claim custody of any Libyan citizen Moez Salem was transfered to prison in Mitiga base, this base have international airport, so soon he be transfer to Israil. The members of the occupying regime accused Muammar Gaddafi of serving the interests of Israel. It was one of the many types of lies against the Libyan leader. The behavior of members of the occupying regime and ordinary rats shows their slavish attitude towards Israel. Regime of armed gangs, occupied the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, on demand of Israel, gives its citizens to prisons of Israel. This regime will give own citizen to every own master.

8.04.2013 Occupation regime of Libya going to send libyan hacker to Israel prison.|Greenkomitet.ru

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