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NATO bombardment will continue Steve Watson. Prisonplanet.com President Obama yesterday led the warm welcome to  the al qaeda linked Libyan rebels that have been officially recognized as the  country’s new leaders and handed a seat at the UN General Assembly. More  diligent observers found the spectacle rather unsettling, to say the least. “Libya is a lesson in what the international  community can achieve when we stand together as one,” said Oba … Read More

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INTERCEPTED PHONE CALL: NATO TROOPS ON THE GROUND AND MASS GRAVES IN MISRATA @MuammarLGaddafi Here is the phone call recording i promised you yesterday. Two rats fighting over ratisem @luzbekluzbek @antiwar_soldier This partial translation of an intercepted phone call between Rebel's commanders is worth a read 20 Sepvia TweetDeck Jacob Levich US and European troops participated in the invasion of Tripoli and are still stationed there, according to an intercepted telephone call between officials of Libya's National Transit … Read More

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Wie #AlQaida in #Libyen zur Macht kam (via lupo cattivo) #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #NATOcrimes #RebelCrimes

Wie die Al-Qaida Leute in Libyen zur Macht kamen von Thierry Meyssan Voltaire.net Übersetzung von Horst Fröhlich. Mein Dank an Rüdiger für den Hinweis, sagt Maria Lourdes! Das Voltaire Netzwerk bekam zahlreiche Leserbriefe, die Fragen zur Al-Qaida Gegenwart in Libyen stellten. Um ihnen zu antworten, sammelte Thierry Meyssan die wesentlichen bekannten Elemente dieser Akte. Diese Tatsachen erhärten seine seit dem 11. September begonnene Analyse, nach der Al-Qaida eine Söldner Umwelt ist, die von … Read More

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