NATO REBELS RECEIVED ANOTHER DEVASTATING DEFEAT IN SIRTE 21/sept/11 Qadhafi’s forces have put up unexpectedly fierce resistance and the NTC fighters have been forced to retreat from the city by night to allow Nato warplanes to target their weaponry. Once again NATO Mercenaries have been forced to flee Sirte after receiving heavy casualties, now waiting for NATO to terrorize the city once again. NATO Militias and Mercenaries claim that only 45 people have been killed and that over 400 injured, hospitals … Read More

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#Libyan #Jamahiriya stands its ground ag. #NATO rebels (via Huey3man) #OperationUnifiedProtector #RebelFail #NATOcrimes

SOURCE Real Revolutionairies defends themselves against Fake Corporate Manufactured Revolution (brought to you by BP, BAE, Lockheed Martin, Ratheon, IMF, WTO, NATO and all the rest) The NATO-rebel’s quest to force the Libyan population under its control has faced strong resistance with 80% of Libya still under popular democratic Jamahiriya control. Disciplined Libyan defence forces are staging precision attacks and withering shelling barrages to … Read More

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VIDEO OF #TRIPOLI SHOT ON 17.09.11 ca. 17:30 h (via Counter Psy Ops) #NATO #Libya #Media #Maipulation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to1gvCa-EY8 Video of Tripoli shot on Saturday 17.09.11 around 17:30 LT. See that Green Square is quite deserted by PPL, compared to the videos that MSM used to show us during conflict when there were always so many PPL and bands of rebels. Also one wonder where are the rebels and their famous armed pickups.. (source: Leonor Leonor ) — thomasmantell … Read More

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